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Having gone through member changes and a new concept, the U-KISS boys are finally back with their brand new 5th mini album, and are also returning to the M! Countdown stage.

Their new title song, “0330“, stands for 3:30 AM – a time of restlessness for those who have yet to fall asleep. It tells the story of a man who is unable to sleep after breaking up with his girlfriend. His grieving heart is expressed soulfully through the song’s soft lyrics and melody.

Check out their slick comeback performance below which also includes “Everyday!”

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Mnet’s M! Countdown is back with another episode of great performances and musical treats.

Besides the usual stages, Kim Tae Woo, Seo In Kook and U-KISS all made their comebacks, while Song Ji Eun said goodbye together alongside her featured rapper, Bang Yong Guk.

It was a battle between K-Will, CNBLUE, and Wheesung for the #1 spot on M! Countdown today, and in the end, it was CNBLUE who grabbed the win tonight.

Congratulations to CNBLUE on the win!

check out their performance

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SECRET’s Song Ji Eun concluded her successful solo promotions for “Going Crazy” on today’s episode of “M! Countdown“. She also celebrated rapper Bang Yong Guk’s 22nd birthday backstage.

M! Countdown’s official Twitter shared, “Today is the day SECRET’s Ji Eun concludes her successful promotions through M! Countdown. Celebrating the birthday of her loving stalker, Bang Yong Guk-ssi~ Please congratulate the both of them soon!”

Fans commented, “You guys really look good together, like a couple hehe,” “Labelmate siblings look so cute!,” and “Happy birthday! Looking forward to Bang Yong Guk’s debut!”

Check out their final performance below!

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sources: Allkpop and Star News via Naver


On March 31st, ZE:A’s Kwanghee guested on Mnet’s “Beatles Code” and revealed a past photo of him and labelmate senior Seo In Young, sparking a discussion on his pre-popularity personality.

Kwanghee explained, “This was when I was ugly, before my plastic surgery. Even my fellow member Hyungsik couldn’t recognize me. I received the opportunity to go on stage during Seo In Young senior’s ‘Superstar’ performance as her partner, and she didn’t look at me even once.”

The other members added, “Before Kwanghee received so much attention like he is now, he’d get jealous and cry whenever another handsome member would get CF or drama deals. We’d spend all night consoling him without getting an ounce of sleep.”

Kwanghee admitted to the claims and further confessed, “I was so jealous that I’d pour yogurt all over the handsome member’s clothes.”

With a laugh, the members concluded, “Really, we all think it’s fortunate that Kwanghee is so popular now. We hope it continues like this.”

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ZE:A has unfolded a treat for their fans through their official YouTube channel.

Since they re-entered the industry a few weeks ago with “Here I Am“, the boys decided to revitalize their promotions with not just one, but nine new music videos!

Each video focuses exclusively on one member, as he performs and poses to “Here I Am”. It’s an innovative move by Star Empire, as it allows fans both old and new to become acquainted with ZE:A’s individual personalities.

Check out the videos below, and tell us which member you got to like after watching them!




















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The first Superstar K winner and “Love U” singer Seo In-guk is back! His follow-up to the single “My Baby U”, is “Broken” at its debut! The full length music video for the song “Broken” was just released. His black hair and dark clothing are a stark contrast to the artist’s former rainbow-wear. What happened to our favorite cheerful singer?

Check out the artist who is on-fire(literally!) in his latest MV about heartbreak in the video above.

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sources: Popseoul and AsianDream2011 (YouTube)

Volume one of the new manga series is on sale now!

“Dream High“ the comic [image] book was released in stores on March 30th. The highly popular winter drama, starring MissA’s Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun,and 2pm’s Taec-yeon, has achieved its dream of super stardom! Each of the Kirin High School students became classical singers,recording artists, and/or teachers, and now they have become cartoons! If we could all achieve such success.…Who wouldn’t want to be human and a two-dimensional stick figure? However, this 2011 comic features 5,000 screen captures from the KBS series.

Volume two of the image version of “Dream High” will make its grand debut sometime in April.

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sources: Popseoul and NTN


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