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On April 22nd, Brand New Stardom shared a set of profile photos of the members of Block B through their official fancafe.

In contrast to their flashier stage outfits, the boys are pictured with minimal styling and a simple sweatshirt. Fans were especially amused to see the group’s maknae rapper, P.O., looking playful and more like his age. Because Taeil’s was taken down from the fancafe, it will not be included below.

Netizens commented, “Someone call 119, I can’t breathe!”, “What are we to do with P.O.?  Such a maknae!!”, “I love them in casual type outfits more”, and “I want those hoodies.”

Meanwhile, leader Zico recently revealed through Twitter that he was working on the group’s next title track. Be sure to catch Jaehyo’s first variety outing in the “100 Points out of 100” athletic special as well.


Sources: Allkpop and Brand New Stardom


On this week’s episode of “Section TV Entertainment“, actor Song Joong Ki and singer IU enjoyed a sweet date together in front of the cameras for an adorable interview with the show.

IU, who had previously listed Song Joong Ki as one of her many ideal men, showed off her shy character throughout the shoot by covering her eyes and blushing every time he called her by her real name.

After finding out that Song Joong Ki’s former dream actually used to be to become a PD, producers of the show handed him a mic and gave him the opportunity to be a reporter for the day. His first topic of business? He immediately turned to IU and asked, “Why does your ideal man change so much?”

Check out her answer on April 24th through MBC!

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and BNT News via Nate

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The Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association’s “2011 Dream Concert” will be opening for the 17th year on May 28th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium!

The current line-up of performances include a total of 20 K-Pop stars with TVXQ, 2PM, 4minute, IU, and many others. Free entry tickets were given out on April 7th for the 25,000 member audience, and just a week before the official close date, all seats have already been filled.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will also be working with the Korea Copyright Commission for a special “Copyright Protection Campaign” at the event.

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and Newsis via Nate

Which Korean idol has the best body?

A worthy question, albeit one that’s inherently hard to determine, especially when one is attempting to grade males and females on the same scale.

Nevertheless, Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” decided to take a stab at it on a recent show, as they ranked the Top 20 idol bodies.

Does your favorite idol make the list?  Do you agree with the rankings?

20 – KARA’s Jiyoung

19 – miss A’s Min

18 – Lee Seung Gi

17 – 2AM’s Seulong

16 – f(x)’s Victoria

15 – Big Bang’s Taeyang

14 – Rainbow’s Jaekyung

13 – Big Bang’s Daesung

12 – Secret’s Hyosung

11 – Super Junior’s Siwon

10 – MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

9 – Hwang Jun Eum

8 – SNSD’s Yuri

7 – TVXQ’s Changmin

6 – Hyori

5 – 2AM’s Changmin

4 – After School’s UEE

3 – 2PM’s Taecyeon

2 – G.NA

1 – Rain

By: Woon

Source: Allkpop


Have you ever imagined calling the girls from f(x), “the girls from ‘the bomb’?

On April 23th, the members of f(x), after making their comeback with “Pinocchio”, held an interview with KBS “Entertainment Relay”.

During this broadcast, the reporter asked, “Was there team names other than f(x)?”. To the question, the members answered, “There were a variety of group names that we could have chosen from, some including: ‘the Bomb’, ‘Flowers’, and ‘Miyaho” (because it sounds similar to a cat’s cry, ‘meow’). At one point, we were going to introduce ourselves with ‘Hello! We are group Miyaho!’ and make a cat’s meow sound while posing cutely.”

Good thing all those ideas bombed before settling on f(x).

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and TV Daily via Yahoo! Korea


On April 22nd, Super Junior’s Heechul, B2ST’s Junhyung, and Supreme Team’s Simon D showed off their close friendship.

Heechul tweeted, I’m over at Simon D’s with YongYong. I’m not even kidding, we’re always just hanging out with only men, talk about male loyalty. Poor YongYong, he can only ever hang out with men because of me.”

Sitting on a couch together, the three can be seen with stand-offish expressions. Despite the amount of eye candy in one picture, fans amused themselves over Heechul’s Spongebob socks.

Netizens commented, “They all look so close!”, “Simon D has a girlfriend though”, and “Daebak Spongebob socks!”

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and JoongAng via Nate

Motorola recently released their Android tablet device, Xoomand it seems an advertisement for this device has indirectly advertised K-Pop.

During the YouTube portion of the commercial, some eagle eyed netizens spotted GD&TOP’s ‘High High’ MV (with Big Bang’s G-Dragon still shot) being featured as one of the videos in the home tab for the YouTube application.

It seems the commercial was filmed around 4 months ago, the video was very popular after it’s release and was featured on YouTube’s home page. Since it’s release, the video has received more than 8.5 million views.

By: Woon

Source: Allkpop



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