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Donghae Super Junior Gives Support To Cancer Patient

Posted on: April 9, 2011

The Super Junior-M (SJ-M) members are having a short stay in Taiwan because of filming activities, and Donghae posted an entry titled as “Pray for Michael” on his personal blog on the other day, saying that he would have Bible Study sessions with his members. One day when he was returning to the dorms with Siwon, they met a businessman, Michael, who was drinking alone. They talked for almost 90 minutes, and it appears that Michael had laryngeal cancer. Both of them, who are devout Christians, advised Michael to quit smoking, and pray to God.

Donghae used his personal experiences to persuade Michael, (saying that) “I told him my deceased father’s story. My father also suffered from cancer, and for the 3-year duration where he was receiving treatment, my father found God and became God’s son. My father is still living healthily, so (you should) pray, don’t drink or smoke anymore.” (But) in reality, he told a white lie, because his father had already passed away due to cancer.

He said that Michael’s eyes were filled with fear, and was in a state where he didn’t have much strength, and he told the white lie so that he could give Michael hope, “I hope that Michael would be healthy, and that we could become friends who could have meals together.”

Michael was very thankful to him and Siwon, but because it was late, he hoped that the both of them would return soon, although the both of them stayed on. “Siwon and I did not leave, and kept on holding a conversation with him, until he threw away his drink and cigarette in front of us.”

“Crossing paths is also fate”, Donghae said, and if they merely left after greeting him, Michael would probably have even more negative thoughts. He also mentioned that “We feel proud to be able to give anyone hope and strength. Even though we lead different lives, if we could spare some time to just turn back and lend a helping hand, then we would be able to pass down big help and happiness.”

by: woon
sources: foreversj13.indonesia and China Times via Yahoo Taiwan


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