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An interesting scene featuring f(x)’s Krystal that occurred during the filming of SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” was revealed.

According to the May 27th reports from SBS, Krystal screamed out loud, “Aaakk~~” during the filming for a performance on the show, which took place at the SBS Production Center in Ilsan on May 24th. Her scream came out naturally as the performance required her male partner to lift and spin her around.

Krystal explained, “I couldn’t help but scream because it was so scary.”

Krystal’s coach added, “For someone to scream like that during a performance is a very rare occurrence. There’s cases when couples quietly count, ‘1-2…1-2′ to match each other, but this is the first time I witnessed something like Krystal’s scream.”

On this day, Krystal safely finished her prepared routine, receiving a big round of applause from the audience.






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Source: Asia Today via Nate
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Remember before Block B’s debut, when it was revealed that the members were trained to write over 100 songs to foster their production abilities? Well, a lot of people were skeptical and thought of it as hype, but as it turns out, they weren’t kidding.

In addition to leader Zico’s 19-track pre-debut mixtape, “ZICO on the Block“, netizens have discovered a 21-track pre-debut mixtape by Zico and Kyung, which is just one of the many that seem to be out there.

In response to the discovery, Cho PD wrote through his Tumblr, “I got more than 120 tracks that Zico & Kyung did during their training period on my iTunes folder. Numbers keep growing cuz they still work hard day & nite ^^”.

While it was “ZICO on the Block” that really solidified his position underground, netizens found this mixtape a lot more versatile in style. This certainly adds anticipation to their comeback mini-album next month, since Zico is at the head as producer.

The entire mixtape is available for free download here.

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SM Entertainment stunned their fanbase when they released a second teaser for SNSD’s upcoming Japanese album!

It’s a five-minute long clip that gave great insight into what their first Japanese album will hold. Snippets of twelve tracks – eight of them being Japanese originals – were played over some psychedelic images that tripped us out at first, but we eventually appreciated the step away from the typical ‘cutesy’ image associated with the girls.

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Source: Allkpop

2NE1 debuted three years ago, but in my eyes, they still look like rookies. I think that’s synonymous to how they haven’t had that many activities or exposure through TV. Therefore, 2NE1 still has quite a bit to show. This year will be the year to settle it all.

The above statement was made by YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, expressing his views on 2NE1’s impending return to the music industry. Coming back with ‘Lonely’ eight months after dropping their first studio album, 2NE1 has been sweeping Korean music charts, even scoring a perfect all-kill in major charts in May.

Expanding further on the topic of 2NE1’s potential, Yang Hyun Suk said, “They aren’t popular singers. They’re just starting now. This year is the year that they’ll reach their peak, both publically and musically. Around the time of their debut, many people criticized me with ‘Yang Hyun Suk went insane’, ‘He’s going to get it soon’, and ‘He’s arrogant’ because 2NE1, who were rookies, went out on music programs only once a week. It’s just my opinion that 2NE1’s a unique group and that they should be promoted in their own way.

Though most entertainment companies flaunt their power through how many times they can put their singers on TV, YG Entertainment does the opposite. Yang Hyun Suk explains, “Rather than having either Big Bang or 2NE1 go on whatever program many times, we try to pick stages with better standards and enjoy it.

He also put his foot down on the rumors that he was especially close to SBS. “It’s true I receive misunderstandings. Counting from my Seo Taiji and Kids days, I’ve been in the broadcasting business for about 30 years. If I wanted to be close to anyone affiliated with the broadcasting business, I could, but I don’t. This is because I always keep one rule: which producers of which programs will let YG artists shine the most?

Yang Hyun Suk then clarified that the reason why he works well with SBS’s “Inkigayo” was because of producer Park Suk Hoon, who’s reportedly the best in directing shows; he could also pick out the accurate points in dance choreographies.

Moving on, Yang Hyun Suk also revealed 2NE1’s ambitious aspirations. “I have a plan to make this year 2NE1’s year. From April 21st, we kept working without rest. Teddy has already made about six songs and they’re all really good. With my producer’s instinct, I have a feeling that they’ll all be hit songs. ‘Do you want to listen to 2NE1’s songs since they’re really good?’ is the kind of promotion I want to do.

2NE1 is already leading a ‘first place parade’ with their new song, breaking past MBC’s ‘I Am A Singer’ chart domination. The girls are now preparing for the release of their follow-up song.

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Sources: Allkpop and OSEN via Nate

Pop singer Aoyama Thelma updated her official blog with a group shot of herself and the Korean idol group 4minute, in celebration of their recent collaboration together.

As tokyohive previously reported, Aoyama and 4minute came together for a new song titled “WITHOUT U“, the title track of her upcoming single. “WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute” will also be included on her upcoming album “LOVE STORY“, which will be released throughout Asia.

In the picture, the ladies look fresh and casually stylish, cutely posing with four fingers up in reference to 4Minute’s name.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the PV teaser and the full English version of the song, which have already been revealed.

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Source: Aoyama Thelma’s Official Blog


UFZS, the new dance unit from Up-Front Agency, in collaboration with Josei Jishin, have finally made their stage debut!

The former Hello! Project members have been working hard in their new unit to polish their dance covers, and fans were excited to finally see the results of their practice.

At the event, the girls performed a lively dance cover of 4minute’s “Hot Issue” and also danced and sang to S/mileage’s “Suki-chan”.

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It’s only been a week since B2ST made their official comeback with their first full album, “Fiction And Fact“, and the boys were pleasantly taken aback when they were awarded first place on this week’s KBS’s Music Bank K-Chart for their ballad song, “On Rainy Days“, rather than for their actively promoted title track, “Fiction“.

“On Rainy Days” was released a few days before the official release of their album, and it quickly became an instant hit on various music charts, as many listeners acknowledged the group’s vocal ability powering the song’s soothing, addictive melody.

After their K-Chart win this week, B2ST expressed to allkpop through Cube Entertainment, “We were extremely happy after our win with ‘Fiction’ yesterday, but this win is a lot more meaningful as it’s the first time we’ve won an award for a song that’s not our title track. To think we received first for two of our songs in just a week, all we can say is how thankful we are. We will thrive to work even harder.”

Congratulations to B2ST on their win!

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