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On June 29th, T-ara finally released their long-awaited comeback music video for “Roly Poly“!

Unlike any regular music video, “Roly Poly” is a whopping 10 minutes long and was done under a mini-drama format with direction from famous director, Cha Eun Taek. Fit to the song’s retro theme, the music video is about the feelings of nostalgia for the good ol’ days.

At the center are members Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Hyomin, with special appearances by Jun Young Rok (Boram’s father) and actress Im Ye Jin.

The song itself was co-produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu SangCore Contents Media explained, “‘Roly Poly’ features an addictive but easy to follow melody that will catch the attention of listeners of all ages. The minute people watch the music video, the older generation will feel the scent of their youth while the younger generation experiences something new.”

Check it out below!

By: Haifa.

Source: Allkpop.


Get ready to add another album to your collection, VIPs, because GD&TOP will re-release their first album with a brand new cover next month. YG Entertainment updated their fans on their decision to change GD&TOP’s logo on their official website with a news posting on June 29th.

The post reads:

“Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

We thank you all for supporting GD&TOP’s first album, which was released back on December 24th of last year.

GD&TOP’s logo, as stated before in many interviews, was designed combining a rabbit, in recognition of the year of the rabbit, and a fist holding up a V-sign that stands for victory.

It was based off of Playboy Enterprises International Inc.’s rabbit design logo.

However, our company didn’t receive permission from Playboy, who has trademark rights for their rabbit logo, and we’re not involved with Playboy in any shape or form.

Therefore, to prevent any confusion, we’ve accepted Playboy’s polite request and have decided to stop using GD&TOP’s rabbit logo.

We will suspend sales for GD&TOP’s album, and release a NEW COVER version starting in July.

Please show your love and support for the newly designed ‘GD&TOP First Album New Cover Ver.‘ (all songs will be the same).

Thank you!!”

The new logo features GD&TOP in the shape of a heart.

By: Haifa.

Source: Allkpop.

Photos of Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye sweetly posing as lovers were released on the homepage of MBC’s FM radio ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘ on June 28th. Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye were both guests on the radio program the day earlier on the 27th.

In the photos, Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye were smiling as they reminded people of their close relationship, similar to their past drama, SBS’s ‘You’re Beautiful‘.

The polaroid of the two people created an image of lovers, which brought the attention of netizens, as they commented, “I would believe they were lovers”, “It also seems like they are siblings”, “Either a friends or lovers feeling”, and “They always match.”

Their MBC drama ‘You’ve Fallen for Me‘ debuted on the 29th.

By: Haifa

Source: Allkpop.

Rookie group Boyfriend has been capturing the hearts of schoolgirls everywhere with their boyish charms and good looks. Especially capturing the hearts are ‘Kim Hyunjoong twins’ Youngmin and Kwangmin, ‘Yoo Seungho’s doppelganger’ Jungmin, and ‘K-Will’s smiley boy backdancer’ Minwoo, the group has been stirring commotions on online forums since their debut.

In response to such attention the members said with a smile, “It’s a pleasant nickname, ‘pet-idols.’ Boyfriend can be trained without a problem. However, at the same time the name can be a little burdensome because it seems like we’re getting more attention for our visuals than for our talents.”

They also explained that they felt awkward with the name ‘Boyfriend’ before their debut. The boys said that they had goosebumps and shivers when Starship Entertainment first revealed the group name. However, they soon realized that it was actually a pretty catchy name with a good meaning and in the end they agreed.

Their title track “Boyfriend” was produced by Brave Brothers, famous for his works with singers such as Son Dambi, After School, Big Bang, Sistar, and others. The song has a unique rhythm and an addictive chorus, all of which helps emphasize the group’s vocal talents. The track itself in conjunction with its corresponding ‘Aegyo (cute) dance’ has garnered much popularity for the group.

Although the performances seem to be a little more than simply cute, the boys revealed that they actually ended up short of breath after each stage. Leader Donghyun explained, “With the exception of the chorus, the choreography is very difficult because it is broken up to fit different beats. Dancing and singing to the song simultaneously was really hard for us, especially at first. Now that we’re becoming a little more accustomed to the stage it isn’t as bad. We’re beginning to enjoy our performances more and more, especially when we notice the crowd’s faces.”

Their official debut was only a month ago but the group is also receiving love-calls from overseas and even had a notable amount of international fans attend their first fan signing. Boyfriend said, “We’re planning to give everything we have in Korea before we start anything overseas. Our goal is definitely to receive the best rookie award this year.”

Boyfriend has been busy working on their next album since their successful debut and plans to show fans a new side of themselves apart from the powerful dancing that they were doing before, so make sure to keep an eye on these super rookies.

By: Haifa.

Source: Allkpop.


After taking a picture in front of the Notre Dame the boys of Super Junior and SHINee recorded a special video and were spotted by the fans.

ELFs and ShaWols took over Paris during the weekend and a group of lucky ones found the boys at the Notre Dame Cathedral where they were taking pictures and recording a video. The best part of it is that Super Junior and SHINee suddenly started dancing and singing ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Ring Ding Dong’ in front of Notre Dame Cathedral provoking the screams of the fans around.

We might probably see a complete video soon, but so far enjoy this fan cam.

by: shosha

source: RaiBaka @ youtube gokpop

It is time to put your ‘HANDS UP’ with 2PM and their new MV teaser.

The boys are ready to return with a new album and style that will surely be different from the previous ones. We recently shared their teaser images and tracklist which were a great surprise. Now the MV teaser will make you want to dance in the club just like them.

This is just a preview so start thinking about what might come next

by: shosha

source : gokpop  2pm @ youtube


Lee Min Ho was involved in a car accident during the filming of ‘City Hunter’ and it has been revealed that he is not hurt badly.

There was a car accident during a shooting of the drama were Min Ho was invloved. The car ended up really damaged which caused the concern of everyone. Lee Min Ho and the company director who were in the car were immediately taken to the hospital to evaluate their state. Fortunately his injuries were not severe and were treated right away.

The production cancelled the recording to focus on Min Ho and the producer and mentioned that the accident might not affect the drama since they are just missing a few scenes that will probably be filmed tomorrow or in the case they can not keep the shooting they will edit the scenes they currently have.

It is good that he was not hurt and the production took care about their safety as a priority. We hope to see him again and do not forget to visit GoKpop for more updates.

by: shosha

Via Star News
Found at: dramabeans



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