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Former Black Beat member and SM Entertainment performance director, Shim Jae Won, has revealed a photo through his Twitter possibly hinting at the choreography for Super Junior’s 5th album.

Shim Jae Won tweeted, “Our juniors forever, Super Junior!! Brainstorming choreography… with @hydrayuge. I want a go home…..”. ‘@hydrayuge’ is Gregory Hwang, another choreographer working for SM Entertainment.

Attached to the post was a picture of an arrangement of cups labeled with the names of Super Junior’s members’, possibly hinting at the dance formation / positions of the members for an upcoming song. Leeteuk is leading the arrangement as he is the leader in the formation.

Source + Photo: Shim Jae Won’s Twitter, alkpop


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To everyone’s excitement, 4minute’s very own HyunA has (bubble) popped back into Kpop with another solo release! Titled ‘Bubble Pop‘, HyunA’s comeback mini-album spouts puddles of styles that go hand in hand with all Kpop stars alike: sweet, sexy, soft, and tough. But how does HyunA play out under these caricatures in her solo album? Well, as HyunA would put it: “Just Follow me,” and find out.

Track List:
01 Attention
02 Bubble Pop!
03 Downtown (Feat. 전지윤)
04 A Bitter Day (Feat. 용준형 & G.NA)
05 Just Follow (Feat. DOK2)


Last year, HyunA debuted as a solo artist with her first single, “Change” – the controversial nature of the song, video, and blatant sexual explosiveness of it either left people cheering for more, or with a bitter taste in their mouth – and while it pushed female sensuality in Kpop culture over the edge (both through music and performance), it did it in all the wrong ways.

But HyunA’s always rested on the fact that she appeals to her fans because of her sexuality. At least to most of her fan base, and even if she wanted to retract that invitation, she’s neck-high in that image, and shaking her out of it would compromise all that is HyunA. But where things get complicated is in the stitching of the seem between her music and her image.

Society considers music a liberty, as in it can be produced, conjured, and performed however the hell we want (which it is, and we can); but society has also built boundaries as to how we go about doing that, especially with mainstream music. Sexy concepts in particular have a fine line, and aren’t easily pulled off, because one booty-drop too low and things turn tasteless. For HyunA, who has firmly adopted the ’sexy’ image over the years, finds herself strutting all over her audience’s nerves and ultimately those sturdy boundaries as well. Whether she’s mindless and negligent in her actions is up to you to decide, but when it comes to her mix of style and music, it hasn’t exactly served the proper palette to justify her image.

Well this time, HyunA is providing something different in an attempt to convince us otherwise.

What is HyunA doing differently this year? For starters, a light bulb flickered above Cube Entertainment’s head that placing a bombshell over a dark and angsty song wasn’t the best combo to bring to Kpop. How many of those concepts have we experienced, anyway?

Enter “Bubble Pop“. HyunA’s sneaky new single that rings of Summer, but for her, toots as a welcoming hymn to be the same old sexy misses, while under a whole new theme.

“Bubble Pop” is an up-tempo and bouncy song that is as cheesy – with its horns, clicks, and beats – as you would expect from HyunA. Unlike its gritty predecessor, this lead single is all singing, which to those who aren’t aware, isn’t HyunA’s forte. It’s more like her shortcoming, but when idols lack skill, there are composers a finger snap away to carve out easy songs for them to indulge in. Which is exactly what you hear with “Bubble Pop” – HyunA rolling around in novelty, pop music.

But what’s even more indulgent for her is the fact that now she can be sexy with a track that is wrapped up in ‘fun’ and ‘bubbly’ melodies.

The song sounds like a 90s commercial for pop soda. The setting: a sunny, beach scene full of hot studs, and tanned women sipping on their carbonated beverages in synchronized fashion. Think a tamed version of ‘Baywatch‘, and suddenly this song makes a whole lot of sense for HyunA.

She attacks the verses and hook the same way she would any other song, so “Bubble Pop” has a sense of familiarity that links it to her and 4minute. Even more so is the dubstep break down, which doesn’t make any sense as part of the song, but is one of its first appearances on a major Kpop song, so you could say she caught wind of the Western trend before the rest of her peers. That dubstep breakdown also allows her to sex-plode as usual, albeit briefly before doing sexy under the cloak of a cheerful tune.

But what else attracts audiences to HyunA? Well, if anything, it’s probably the rapper-persona she’s drilled into our mind (which may be another reason why she’s so stuck in acting sexy, since she’s also going for the bad girl-rapper, and bad girls gotta be bad, no?) If “Bubble Pop” didn’t deliver in that respect, there are a few other tracks that do.

Hey! Hey! Whatchu gonna do?!” HyunA retorts in “Attention“.

The track is awfully short – it’s an intro track – but it sits right where most of us picture HyunA, musically. The song is urban, cluttered with her breathy phrasing, and maximized with the rugged processing that has come to plague HyunA’s voice on almost all instances in which it is heard.

Which begs the question: why over-process her vocals when she’s just ‘rapping’? The general consensus is that rappers utilize vocoder on their own singing, because it’s usually not up to par, if you will, and that’s understandable. In HyunA’s case, there doesn’t go a minute in which she isn’t drowned in vocal treatment; mostly of the I’m-talking-to-you-through-a-telephone variety. (Yeoboseyo)

The third track on this mini-album, “Downtown” (feat. Jiyoon), is a lovely example of how severe HyunA’s producers are willing to grind to manipulate her voice.

“Downtown” is another up-tempo track, but it’s less gimmicky than the lead single. It’s the closest to a 4minute song that anything here will get, and that’s largely thanks to Jiyoon’s contribution, which brings the much needed breathing room to this potentially good pop song. Potentially? The pre-chorus and chorus are catchy, fun, and pretty, but the glaring flaws lay, sadly, everywhere else. If HyunA wasn’t buried 6 feet under ground, this would be a great fit for this duo. But that’s not what happened, and not the only imperfection.

HyunA groans and moans her way through the intro and transitions of this song, tossing it into unbalance in the process. When it’s her time to say actual words, she does so in ten syllable lines, with the last of those syllables being a mere exhale. And while there’s a level of complacency in this song during HyunA’s parts, it’s difficult to come to grips with her self-righteous disposition when she hasn’t provided much of anything to be self-righteous about.

Unless you scale back your standards for ‘rappers’, HyunA’s performance as one leaves a lot to be desired. And it’s not like she isn’t asking to be challenged for it, because these are perfect grounds to question the authenticity – or at least the believability – of her trade of choice, because that is her thing and it constitutes most of this mini-album. And when she’s out-shined by the featured rappers on her own album, can we do anything else but pick at her misgivings and wonder if she’ll deliver something amazing?

Amazing may be over shooting it, but if anything is better than just okay, it’s “A Bitter Day” (feat. G.NA and Junhyung of B2ST).

When word went around that HyunA would be releasing a ballad, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one expecting her to actually sing a slow tempo song (am I right?). I set my self up for disappointment is what I did, because the second the song dropped, all of my dreams shattered into smithereens. Well, not exactly, but the song didn’t feature HyunA singing. Actually, not much of HyunA at all; mostly G.NA sounding fantastic in all her glory.

And when HyunA did appear, it was more vapid than the song asked for. The song itself lacks a common thread with the other four, and should have probably be left at the end as a bonus song.

The one track HyunA sounds most comfortable in and at her best is in “Just Follow“, where she switches into street mode along side DOK2, and puts all that pseudo-rapper fuel she has inside her to the test. And in a obscure-pop kind of way, kind of made it work.  The song itself is not abrasive like what she’s normally heard in, which is a relief on the ears, and new for HyunA.

Although her rapping is just for show on most songs, she did herself a favor and just followed DOK2’s lead and kept it simple and straightforward, contrasting the tone of the song, and remaining believable while doing so.


HyunA isn’t loved by everyone, but to her credit, at least she continues to be herself, whether we like it or not. She relishes the idea of acting in overly sexual ways, and while she was full of drive a year ago, now she’s teasing listeners and on-lookers with a sexy song masked by novelty gloss.

The album as a whole makes little sense as an entity, but it breaks up into the pieces that have come to define HyunA: it’s partly saucy, partly gimmicky and dubious, and above all, blatantly artificial.

Yet, that’s exactly what works for her and from the get-go, she’s owned it. She may lose street cred for sounding like a complete robot in her ‘raps’, and for groaning through most of her songs, but she at least wins some brownie points for not giving a crap about it and carrying on.

source: allkpop

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There’s no doubt that 4minute’s HyunA has made a name for herself, but is there a role model behind her success?

After making a bubbly comeback with her latest song ‘Bubble Pop!‘, an official revealed that the the 19 year old never had a role model to help her succeed.

Before HyunA became successful with her fellow members in 4minute, she was well under the radar for being a temporary member of the Wonder Girls. In fact, before her debut with 4minute under Cube Entertainment, 4minute was unofficially known as “HyunA’s group.” Because of her past and her willingness to grow on her own, HyunA reportedly didn’t have a role model.

A representative from HyunA’s side stated in an interview with enews, “HyunA really likes Lee Hyori and Seo In Young… She respects them and talks about them a lot as singers she admires.” Despite her adoration for these singers, she sticks to the fact that she doesn’t have a role model because of her plans to become a new kind of female singer and in doing so, focuses on growing and developing as an artist.

The representative later added, “HyunA is the type of girl whose potential is limitless. Please watch over her growth.”

However, the lack of a role model appears to have no adverse effect on this growing star as she was widely successful with her single “Change” and again with her newest track “Bubble Pop!”. Additionally, it has been noted that HyunA has become a more solid female singer over time.

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On the most recent recording of ‘Star King‘, a segment titled “Finding a foreign Hallyu-king” found someone with an odd resemblance to Super Junior’s Shindong.

Shindong himself was shocked when he met his Thai doppelganger, who reportedly to be plays as Shindong in a Super Junior cover band. Apparently, the similarity didn’t just stop at looks, as the way they danced was extremely similar as well.

The doppelganger said, “We follow what Super Junior does exactly. Dancing is a given, and so are our stage costumes. If Shindong gains weight, I gain weight, and if he diets, I diet as well. I would really like it if Shindong didn’t diet anymore. It’s too tiring,” causing the studio to laugh.

The episode will broadcast on the 16th at 6:30PM (KST) on SBS.

source: allkpop

Music Bank‘ is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages, male group MBLAQ made their long-awaited comeback, while Jang Woo Hyuk began follow-up promotions with “Weekend Night“.

SECRET faced off against 2PM for this week’s K-Chart, and in the end, it was the latter who clinched the K-Chart win. Congratulations to 2PM on their triple crown win!

< Backstage MC Cut with 2PM & SECRET >


source: alkpop


Author : @lalapanda

Title : surprise

Leight : oneshot

Genre : romance

Cast : Eunhyuk (super junior)

Jung Aeryeong

Member Super Junior M

Author POV


“Yobseo, Oppa. Naya.”

“Aaah, Aeryeong-ssi. Waeyo?”

“Oppa, boleh aku minta bantuanmu?”

“Nae? Mwoya?”

“Aku ingin memberikan kejutan untuk dia.”

“Kejuatan? Waw. How? Haeba haeba.”

“Besok aku akan pergi ke sana. Mau kah Oppa membantuku?”

“Tentu. Tentu aku akan membantu kamu. Lalu apa yang bisa aku bantu?”

“Ngg, aku mau tau kegiatan kalian tanggal 3. Rencananya sih aku mau menyusup ke kamarnya dia. Dan saat jam 12 berdentang, aku akan memberikan kejutan itu.”

“Begitu? Kalau begitu kamu harus ada di hotel yang sama dengan kami.”

“Karena itu aku minta bantuanmu. Aku tidak tahu daerah sana. Aku juga tidak bisa bahasa Mandarin, Oppa.”

“Mmm, kalau gitu aku akan mengirimkan seseorang untuk menjemputmu di bandara nanti. Kalau aku bisa, aku akan menjemputmu. Otte?”

“Oke. Kamshahamnida, Oppa. Chongmalyo.”


Aeryeong menyudahi pembicaraannya dengan Siwon, member SJ-M. dia melanjutkan membuat cookies sebagai hadiah yang akan diberikan pada namjachingunya. Namjachingu yang sudah lama tidak ia lihat. Senyuman senang dan bahagia terus saja mengembang di wajahnya yang mungil.

“Yobseo,” Aeryeong mengangkat telepon.

“Ryeong-ah. Jalan yuk!”



“Mianhae, Jina-yah. Aku tidak bisa. Aku sedang membantu Omma.”

“Aaa, keurae? Kalau besok?”

“Mian. Besok aku sudah ada janji dengan sunbaenim ku. Mianhae.”

“Kamu sibuk sekali, Ryeong-ah. Ya sudahlah kalau begitu. Sudah ya.”



Tidak ada yang mengetahui hubungan Aeryeong dengan Eunhyuk. Tidak ada satupun yang tahu. Akan ada yang terjadi kalau hal itu sampai terjadi. Apa yang akan dilakukan jewels jika mengetahui Oppa mereka sudah ada yang punya? Karena itu, mereka menutupi hubungan mereka selama 6 bulan ini.

Aeryeong sampai di Beijing. Dia mencari seseorang yang akan menjemputnya. Tapi dia sama sekali belum melihat sesosok pria yang akan menjemputnya. Siwon tidak bsa menjemputnya lantaran kegiatannya hari ini yang padat.


“Nae, Aeryeong-ssi.”

“Oppa, apa orang yang akan menjemput aku sudah datang?”

“Seharusnya sudah. Dia sudah berangkat ke bandara sejak tadi. Kamu berada di mana sekarang?”

“Aku sedang di ruang tunggu kedatangan.”

“Aku coba hubungi dia. Kamu jangan kemana-mana, oke.”

“Nae. Mianhae aku sudah banyak menyusahkan kamu, Oppa.”



Aeryeong POV

Aku smsan sama namjachingu ku. Tentu saja dia tidak tahu kalau aku sudah ada di kota yang sama dengannya. Aku juga berbohong tentang keberadaanku sekarang. Dia memberitahuku tentang kegiatannya yang padat hari ini. Untunglah mereka sudah selesai tengah malam nanti.

“Aeryeong-ssi?” seorang pria lumayan tinggi menghampiriku.


“Saya Xio Ji. Siwon-ssi meminta saya untuk menjemput anda.”

“Aah. Nae.”

“Mau berangkat sekarang?”

“Nae. Kamshahamnida, Xio ji-ssi.”


“Bahasa Korea kamu lancar sekali.”

“Saya pernah tinggal di Korea beberapa tahun. Kuliah di sana. Bareng sama Siwon.”

“Oooohh. Jadi kalian udah kenal lama.”

“Ya begitulah.”

Kami keluar dari bandara. Selama di jalan, Xio Ji memberitahuku tentang tempat-tempat yang kami lewati. Ramah sekali. Dia juga memberithahuku rute untuk ke tempat dimana Super Junior M oppadeul berada sekarang. Tapi tidak mungkin aku ke sana. Wala sebenarnya ingin sekali ke sana. Secepatnya bertemu dengan Hyukjae Oppa.

“Kita sampai,” kata Xio Ji. Kami turun mobil hitamnya. Dia memberikanku kunci kamar yang sudah di pesan oleh Siwon Oppa. Tentu dengan uang yang transfer padanya. Aku tidak mungkin menyusahkan mereka di sini. Dia mengantarku sampai ke depan kamar sampai aku yakin kalau aku akan baik-baik saja seorang diri di sini. Menunggu mereka kembali dari rangkaian acara mereka.

Sudah waktunya makan siang bukan di sana? Apa kamu sudah makan?

Aku mengirimkan sms. Tapi dia tidak membalas smsku. Mungkin dia sedang sibuk. Ya sudahlah. Aku juga harus makan siang. Setelah itu baru menyiapkan semua kejutan untuknya. Untung sebelum Xio Ji-ssi pergi tadi aku meminta bantuannya untuk memesankan makanan ke kamar.

Author POV

Di lokasi syuting sebuah acara musik, member SJ-M menyudahinya. Tapi setelah ini mereka masih harus manggung lagi. Jadwal padat untuk promosi album kedua mereka. Belum lagi Siwon dan Donghae yang juga main film.

Eunhyuk memeriksa hpnya yang sendari tadi di pegang oleh managernya. Ada pesan masuk ternyata. Sejak tadi siang dari “dalgi”.

Sudah waktu makan siang bukan di sana? Apa kamu sudah makan?

Dengan segara Eunhyuk membalas pesan itu.

Belum L. Aku rindu masakan buatan kamu. Berharap kamu ada di sini membuatkan aku makanan paling enak di dunia 😉


“Hyukie, kaja pamokja,” Dongahe merangkul Euhyuk setelah membersihan make up dan mengganti baju mereka.

“Nae. Kajaaaaaaa.”

Selama makan sing terlihat sekali Eunhyuk yang uring-uringan. Walau terlihat senang, tapi seperti ada yang dia tutupi.

“Yobseo?” Siwon menerima panggilan telefon.

“Oppa. Kalau kamu bersama dengannya, jangan sebut namaku.”

“Ah, Xio Ji. Waegeureyo?”

“Kamu sedang bersamanya?”

“Nae. Kami sedang makan siang.”

“Ngg, apa dia makan banyak?”

“Tidak seperti biasanya.”

“Sincha yo?”


“Aniya. Dari tadi dia sms aku. Tapi aku tidak membalas satu pun smsnya. Dia bilang dia lagi kangen masakanku. Terus dia bercerita tentang kegiatannya setelah ini. Juga tentang ulang tahunnya yang besok juga akan penuh dengan jadwal kerja. Tapi aku tidak membalasnya. Hanbondo aniya.”

“Kamu tidak seharusnya begitu.”

“Arayo, Oppa. Keundae, setiap membacanya semakin aku tidak kuat untuk menahan diri. Aku ingin memberitahunya kalau aku ada di sini. Aku ingin bertemu dengannya. Secepatnya. Aku tidak membaca lagi sms-smsnya.”

“Anio. Kamu tidak boleh seperti itu. Bagaimana dengan rencanamu?”

“Karena ituah aku tidak membalas smsnya. Oppa, tolong hibur dia kalau dia sedang dalam keadaan tidak baik. Aku berharap waktu cepat berlalu.”

“Nae. Arayo.”

“Chongmal Kamsahaguyo, Oppa.”

Siwon menyudahi pembicaraannya dengan “Xio Ji”. Melihat Eunhyuk yang biasanya bisa makan 8 porsi sekali makan, kali ini porsi makannya sama dengan dirinya.

“Hyeong. Waeyo?”

“Anio. Kwenchana. Henry-yah, tolong tuangkan aku minum,” pintanya kepada si maknae.

“Eunhyukkie, besok ulang tahun mu, kamu mau kado apa?” Tanya Sungmin.

“Hyeong, kamu mau membelikan apapun keinginanku?”

“Anything. Haeba.”

“Nggg, kalau gitu, aku ingin kamu, Donghae.”

“I’m yours, Eunhyukkie. Hahahahaha.”

Gelak tawa membahana di meja makan mereka. Kegilaan mereka berlanjut. 2 sahabat itu akan membuat seluruh ELF berteriak-teriak.

Aeryeong POV

Ahirnya selesai juga ngedekor kamau Eunhyuk Oppa. Berkat Siwon Oppa aku punya kunci kamar Eunhyuk Oppa. Hem? Sudah jam berapa sekarang? Astaga, sudah jam 10 rupanya. Ternyata focus sama kerjaan gini bikin gak sadar waktu. Dan pantas aku lapar.

“Aeryeong-ssi. Naya. Donghae,” kata Donghae Oppa menelefonku yang duduk di kasur Eunhyuk Oppa yang bersih dan kinclong. Cowok yang satu itu emang suka banget bersih. Jadi kamarnya pasti akan selalu dalam keadaan bersih tanpa debu.

“Ah, Oppa.”



“Kwenchana, Siwon sudah memberitahuku. Kami semua tahu. Kecuali Eunhyuk.”

“Sepertinya ada yang menyebut namaku,” aku mendengar suara Eunhyuk Oppa dari sebrang sana.

“Ya! Kamu terlalu ge-er, hyukie. Hahaha,” balas Donghae.

“Aku mendukung rencanamu. Semoga berhasil ya. Oh iya, kami masih di jalan. Mungkin sekitar 1 jam lagi kami baru sampai,” kata Donghae.

“1 jam lagi? Masih lama ya.”

“Hahaha. Sabar ya. Sampai nanti.”

“Nae. Kamshahamnida, Oppa.”

1 jam lagi? Masih lama ya.

Aku merebahkan badanku di kasur. Lelah sekali rasanya. Tapi aku harap dia akan suka dengan kejutan yang aku berikan. Dan perlahan mataku tertutup. Istirahat sebentar. Aku harus terlihat fresh saat bertemu denganya nanti.

Author POV

“Kamu kenapa, Hyeong?” Tanya Ryeowook.

“Kenapa handphonenya tidak diangkat?”


“Aeryeong. Di Korea sudah pergantian hari. Apa dia sudah tidur secepat ini? Haaah, padahal aku berharap dia memberikan ucapan selamat ulang tahunku.”

“Hahaha. Ya! Mungkin dia sudah punya pengganti kamu. Hahaha,” ledek Zhoumi.

“Ya! Aish! Mana ada pria yang lebih baik dari aku?”

“Hahaha. Hyeong, kamu memang yang terbaik,” kata Henry membuat hyeongnya yang sati itu senang.

Eunhyuk terus mencoba untuk menelefon Aereyong. Sampai dia menyerah sendiri.

Mereka berdelapan sampai di hotel. Rasanya mereka lelah sekali untuk langsung merayakan ulang tahun Eunhyuk yang hanya menunggu hitungan menit. Ya, perjalanan mereka lebih lama karena mereka makan terlebih dahulu.

Sambil jalan menulusuri lorong hotel, Siwon menghubungi Aeryeong. Takut dia benar-benar tertidur karena terlalu lama menunggu Eunhyuk pulang.

“Ya. Kamu tadi tertidur?”

“Mianhae, Oppa. Aku tertidur tadi. Di sini nyaman sekali. Kalian ada dimana?”

“Kami sudah sampai. Sebentar lagi dia akan masuk kamar. Bersiaplah.”

“Ah, nae. Persiapanku sudah selesai beberapa waktu lalu.”

“Aeryeong-ssi, dia menanti ucapan pertama darimu.”


Eunhyuk yang jalan di depan merasa tadi Siwon yang sedang menelefon menyebut nama Aeryeong. Banyak pertanyaan yang berputar di otaknya.

Kenapa Aeryeong tidak mengangkat teleponku? Apa aku sudah berbuat salah padanya? Apa ada perkataanku yang menyakitinya hari ini? Siwon-ah, apa yang sudah kamu sembunyikan dariku? Dia pasti sudah bercerita sesuatu pada Siwon. Kalau tidak, Siwon tidak mungkin menelefonnya larut malam begini.

Dengan fikiran yang berkecamuk, Eunhyuk membuka pintu hotelnya. Tubuhnya yang sudah lelah bertambah lelah dengan munculnya fikiran-fikiran buruh tentang Aeryeong. Dia ingin segera istirahat dan menghubungi Aeryeong besok pagi.

Tapi saat dia menyalakan lampu, dan daaaaaar! Ledakan petasan kertas membuatnya melompat kebelakang. Wajahnya terlihat kaget dan kemudian mengembangkan senyum melihat seorang gadis dengan kue yang di susun di atas piring dengan angka 25 diantara kue-kue itu. Di sana juga ada tulisan dengan coklat rasa stroberry, SAENGIL CHUKHA HAMNIDA LEE HYUKJAE OPPA.

“Saengil chukha hamnida. Saengil chukha hamnida. Saranghaneun Eunhyuk Oppa. Saengil chukha hamnida.”

“Aeryeong-ah. Sejak kamu ada di sini?”

“Sejak tadi siang.”

“Kenapa kamu tidak memberitahuku?”

“Kalau aku memberitahu kamu, tidak akan jadi surprise. Tiup lilinnya. Palli palli,” kata Aeryeong semangat.

Eunhyuk meniup lilin dan mengambil satu potong kue yang ada di tumpukan atas.

“Enak sekali. Kamu yang membuat ini?”

“Tentu saja. Kamu suka?”

“Suka. Gomawo,” Eunhyuk mengusap kepala Aeryeong lembut. “Yaaaaa, kamu yang mendekor kamarku?”

“Nae. Oppa, ini hadiah dariku,” aeryeong menyerahkan satu kotak besar kepada Eunhyuk yang duduk di kasur.

“Ige mwoya?”


Sebuah sepatu sneakers berwarna biru tua menjadi hadiah ulang tahun Eunhyuk yang ke 25 tahun. Dia memandang kembali yeojachingunya yang berdiri di depannya.



“Ah, nae, kamu mendekor kamarku, tapi bagaimana kamu mendapatkan kunci kamarku?”

“Engg, ano, itu. Aku meminta bantuan Siwon Oppa.”

“Jadi dia tahu kedatanganmu?”

“Nae, Oppa. Aku memberitahu rencanaku dan dia memberikan kunci kamarmu,” kata Aeryeong dengan wajah bersalah.

“Pantas saja. Dia menghubungimu kan barusan.”


“Dan kalian terus berhubungan seharian ini?”


“Tapi kenapa kamu tidak membalas smsku lagi? Kenapa kamu tidak mengangkat telefon ku tadi?”

“Mianhaeyo. Aku merasa sedih sekali membaca smsmu. Rasanya aku tidak tahan untuk segera bertemu denganmu. Makanya aku tidak membalasnya lagi. Aku tidak mau rencanaku gagal dan malah menemuimu di lokasi syuting. Dan tadi aku sempat tertidur. Makanya aku tidak mengangkat telefonmu, Oppa. Mianhaeyo.”

“Rencanamu itu membuatku berfikir yang tidak-tidak tentang dirimu. Mianhae. Aku fikir kamu sudah tidak suka padaku dan pindah kelain hati. Siwon telah menarik perhatianmu.”

“Ya! Manamungkin aku begitu!”

“Mian aku tidak percaya padaku. Ah, makasih ya kejutannya.”

“Besok kamu sibuk?”

“Ya. Besok aku masih harus promosi album kedua Super junior-M. waeyo?”

“Anio. Aku di sini hanya 3 hari. Setelah itu aku harus pulang ke Seoul. Kalau kamu ada waktu luang, aku ingin jalan-jalan bersamamu.”

“Mmm, gimana kalau besok kamu ikut aku ke lokasi? Kamu akan bosan kalau hanya di hotel.”


“Tentu saja. Dan ehem, kamu bermalam di sini.”

“Ya! Oppa! Kamu berfikiran yang tidak-tidak,” kata Aeryeong dengan wajahnya yang memerah karena malu.

“Hahahaha. Aku bercanda. Aku antar kamu ke kamarmu.”

Eunhyuk mengantar yeojachingunya ke kamar hotel yang ada di lantai yang sama dengan dirinya. Aeryeong membuka kunci pintu kamarnya. Menatap Eunhyuk yang masih berdiri di sampingnya.

“Kembalilah. Kamu harus istiarahat.”

“Have a nice dream,” kata Eunhyuk mengecup kilat pipi Aeryeong dan mendorongnya masuk kamar. Setelah itu dia kembali ke kamarnya dan beristirahat. Pekerjaannya besok masih menanti dan dia harus tetap tampil prima.

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On June 29th, T-ara finally released their long-awaited comeback music video for “Roly Poly“!

Unlike any regular music video, “Roly Poly” is a whopping 10 minutes long and was done under a mini-drama format with direction from famous director, Cha Eun Taek. Fit to the song’s retro theme, the music video is about the feelings of nostalgia for the good ol’ days.

At the center are members Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Hyomin, with special appearances by Jun Young Rok (Boram’s father) and actress Im Ye Jin.

The song itself was co-produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu SangCore Contents Media explained, “‘Roly Poly’ features an addictive but easy to follow melody that will catch the attention of listeners of all ages. The minute people watch the music video, the older generation will feel the scent of their youth while the younger generation experiences something new.”

Check it out below!

By: Haifa.

Source: Allkpop.


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