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Music Bank‘ is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages, male group MBLAQ made their long-awaited comeback, while Jang Woo Hyuk began follow-up promotions with “Weekend Night“.

SECRET faced off against 2PM for this week’s K-Chart, and in the end, it was the latter who clinched the K-Chart win. Congratulations to 2PM on their triple crown win!

< Backstage MC Cut with 2PM & SECRET >


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It is time to put your ‘HANDS UP’ with 2PM and their new MV teaser.

The boys are ready to return with a new album and style that will surely be different from the previous ones. We recently shared their teaser images and tracklist which were a great surprise. Now the MV teaser will make you want to dance in the club just like them.

This is just a preview so start thinking about what might come next

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source : gokpop  2pm @ youtube


Are you ready for the return of Korea’s ‘beastly idols’?

JYP Entertainment has just sent allkpop
these hot teaser photos of 2PM’s “Hands Up”
concept, which sees the boys looking every bit like the red carpet princes they
are. The boys have been promoting aggressively in Japan, and the confidence
they’ve received from Japan’s enthusiastic reception is definitely seen here in
their bright poses and expressions.

We’ll be updating soon with 2PM’s teaser video, so stay tuned!

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2PM’s Junho made an explosive comment that
had fangirls reeling with shock.

On June 13th, the reporters of “Good Day – Entertainment
” interviewed 2PM at the set of their latest beverage CF.

The segment began with Nichkhun sharing his secrets on how
he sculpted his body. He shyly revealed, “I just ardently go to the gym to
work out.
Taecyeon then revealed, “Nichkhun is the
type who doesn’t gain weight regardless of how much he eats. He’s been working
out while eating a lot of food

The 2PM members were then asked what kind of CF they would like to film.
Nichkhun confessed that he wants to do a Banana Milk CF, but
Taecyeon smoothly interjected with, “I want to film commercials for the
beverage brand we are filming for now for 100 years.

Lastly, the members were asked what they wanted to do if they had a
girlfriend. Junsu considered their current beverage CF saying,
I want to go to Switzerland to drink the drink that we are making a CF
” which brought about much laughter.

Junho, on the other hand, said, “If I get a girlfriend,
I want to shower with her,
” causing his group members to gasp in shock.

At least the boy knows what he wants, right?

By: shosha

 Source: Newsen via Nate


Hottest fans everywhere, the SBS E!TV! broadcast station along with all the members of 2PM are finally making your dreams come true! Are you ready for it? Introducing, the ‘2PM SHOW!’ — a new variety show led by 2PM airing this July!

This show even made their own Twitter account. @sbsetv_2pmshow made their account recently today, tweeting to their already over 1,000+ fans on 2PM polls for questions they may ask on the show!


A variety show led by 2PM themselves on SBS E!TV! 2PM SHOW! starts on July!!
In order for 2PM to sympathize with many viewers
We will raise a poll every single week
And reflect and comment on the poll results during the program!
This way you will be able to see the type of 2PM you really want.
Please vote and comment on a lot of other interesting questions about 2PM in the future!

“The member who is most likely to get married first”
(The poll is closed)
“The member who is most likely to be best father”
“2PM member who is the most likely to take up a challenge?”
“2PM member who is most likely to be less patient?”

What are you waiting for? Follow @sbsetv_2pmshow and cast your vote soon!

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Translations: Egle@2pmalways


The names Yunho and Junho sound similar but that is not the only thing they have in common, since both of them also share the love for dance.

On a recent recording of Strong Heart a battle of pride took place where the PD of the show commented through a post and picture on twitter that Yunho and Junho were fighting for the tittle of King Of Kings.

This is not the first time the boys face each other on a dance battle and it has been said that Yunho even had to show his acrobatic skills on this dance tournament.

The episode will be revealed on June 14th but until then you can check this preview.

by: shosha

 Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Newsen]
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video: 9SoNyuhShiDae9

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Via tokyohive:

On the 11th, “Beastly Idols” 2PM met up with the
cast of FujiTV’s “Picaru no Teiri”.

The boys opened their segment of the show with some flashy dance moves from
their Japanese single “Take off”.

They then showed a sign that showed what all of the men were good at.
Taecyeon claims to be good at cooking, Nichkhun is

good at piano, Wooyoung is good at soccer,
Junho is good at sleeping without moving,
Chansung is good at taekwondo and Junsu is
good at drawing.

Being in Japan, where food and cooking are very popular, Taecyeon’s answer
specifically sparked some interest. When he was in the middle of being asked
what he’s good at cooking, former AKB48 member Oshima
Mai perked up, “I know! Dduk bok ki!”, which seemed to

impress the 2PM members, but not her fellow castmates. Watanabe
Naomi called back to her, “Shut up! Why are you talking when we’re
the ones asking them?!
” The two continued to bicker, before Oshima tried to

impress the Korean group and busted out some Korean for “shut up
(shi kuh luh) towards Watanabe.

Next, the host explained that since they’re considered “beasts” they
should be able to lift up a princess and take her away. 2PM agreed that they
could do that and the host said that he would like to see them try. The cast got
excited and many assumed that the tiny and adorable Oshima would be the
‘princess’. However, that was not the case… as the host quickly turned it around
and made the chubbier Watanabe the ‘princess’ instead.

2PM got together in a powwow before they headed over to try and lift
Watanabe. Being a gentleman, Chansung offered up his jacket to cover Watanabe’s
legs so her underwear wouldn’t show, causing her to say “He’s so
”. Junho then attempted to lift her, but failed to lift her and

proved he wasn’t “beastly” enough.

Next in line was Chansung, Junho held the jacket this time, shaking it like
he was at a rodeo, which caused the host to call out, “This isn’t a
bullfight with Nao-tan (Watanabe)!
”.  In the end, Chansung saved face and

lifted Watanabe, proving his “beastly”-ness.

by: shosha



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