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Lastly we held a poll ‘Who Do You Think The Winner Of Eye Smile?’ and now the poll already closed and this is the result:

1. Yoochun “DBSK and JYJ”

First place is give to this namja kkk~. Many biases pick Yoochun seems like all cassiopeia like his eye smile so much, Yoochun already have 32,721 votes from 98.471 votes.

2. Kibum “Super Junior”

Second place is give to Kibum.. Kibum in second place with 24,642 votes from 98.471 votes.

3. So Hee “Wondergirls”

First place and Second place give to namja (boy) and Third place give to beautiful singer from Wondergirls. yea she’s So Hee.. So Hee have 15,778 votes from 98.471 votes.

4. Tiffany “Girls Generation”

Fourth place is Tiffany shii from SNSD or Girls Generation with 7,880 votes from 98.471 votes.

5. HongKi “FT.Island”

Hongki in Fifth place with 6,856 votes from 98.471 votes.

6. KiKwang “B2ST”

Kikwang from B2ST at sixth place with 4,817 votes from 98.471 votes.

7. Lizzy “After School”

Lizzy with beautiful smile and also eye smile is in seventh place with 4,399 votes from 98.471 votes.

8. Onew “SHINee”

SHINee leader in Eight place with 338 votes from 98.471 votes.

9. CL “2NE1”

CL at Ninth with 309 votes from 98.471 votes.

10. Seung Hyun “KARA”

Tenth place by Seunghyun 256 votes from 98.471 votes.

11. Lee Joon “MBLAQ”

Lee Joon with 226 votes from 98.471 votes.

12. Daesung “BigBang”

why he’s in twelve place.. but this is the result.. Daesung with 98 votes from 98.471 votes.

13. Junho “2PM”

Junho with 67 votes from 98.471 votes ah poor Junho.

14. Sulli “f(x)”

Sulli with 34 votes from 98.471.

15. Jinwoon “2AM”

Jinwoon oppa and Sulli eonni only different one vote. 33 votes from 98.471.

16. Hyo Sung “Secret”

and the last is Hyosung from SECRET 17 votes from 98.471.

Thank you for support this poll. we hope you’ll join again in another poll. thank you very much *bow*

By: Woon


Big Bang’s Daesung and 2PM’s Taecyeon reenacted a scene from the popular drama, “Secret Garden“.

During the April 11th episode of SBS’s ”Night After Night“, Daesung and Taecyeon provided big laughs for the crowd by parodying the infamous sit-up scene.

Daesung transformed into ‘Dae-RaIm’ and Taecyeon into ‘Kim Joo Won’ after Taecyeon revealed that Ha Ji Won was his favorite celebrity.

To reenact the scene, Da-Raim said in a doll-like voice, “Hey Ok Taecyeon, do it right” and Taecyeon responded by saying, “When was Daesung this pretty?‘.

The two shocked the audience with their too-realistic parody.

by: woon

sources: Allkpop and TV Daily via Nate

The YG-LIFE blog has been dropping countdown teasers for Big Bang’s special edition comeback all week long. After unveiling the teasers for G-Dragon, T.O.P. and Taeyang, the blog posted an image of Daesung and proclaimed, ‘D-4′!

Fans have been going wild over his new haircut, which gave the star a sexy edge that many failed to notice before. That image was definitely kept up with this new release, thanks to his unique outfit and direct stare. And unlike previous image teasers, Daesung didn’t need a tagline.

Only 4 more days until the release!

by: woon
sources: allkpop and YG-LIFE Blog

During a recent recording of MBC’s “Come to Play“, the members of Big Bang revealed that they’d go directly to Daesung if they were in need of cash. But why?

The boys were asked what they thought the group as a whole needed to work on in order to ensure their longevity.  Seungri chose ‘money’ and emphasized the importance of a stable income, which led the MCs to ask which member managed their income the best. Unanimously, all of the members chose Daesung.

Leader G-Dragon explained, “Daesung is cash rich, he doesn’t even accept interest.”

Their confessions on Daesung didn’t end there though, as the members went on to reveal that Daesung had a princess room that even “G-Dragon’s mother would be envious of.”

Due to a personal schedule, Daesung was unable to attend the recording. The studio made a surprise phone call, and when asked if he had any secret plans in mind to ensure the group’s longevity, Daesung wittily retorted, “Are the members even thinking of longevity?!”.

Aside from the lighter questions, the boys were also asked if they had any moments where their group was at risk of disbanding. They all honestly replied, “Many times.”

Check out their full answers on April 4th at 11:15 PM KST.

by: woon
sources: allkpop and Korea Economic via Nate



Big Bang 4 Mini Album has dominated the physical album chart and they now dominate the digital album chart.

March 10, according to the Gaon Chart, the song Big Bang ‘Tonight’ in the second week of March had occupied the first position chart download / digital Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Dosirak, and Soribada with a total download of 357.126.

The song ‘Cafe’ and ‘What Is Right’ respectively occupy the second position (260.000) and third (247.804), while the song ‘Somebody to Love’ was ranked fifth with 209.502 downloads. If you add up all the total downloads, it will amount to more than 1,000,000 times the download.

Big Bang 4 songs top 5 positions, showed the power of the artist in the world of K-pop. In addition, the Big Bang has earned profits of more than 100 million Won (about $ 90,000) within one week of their song titled ‘Tonight’, and from 4 songs before, they get about 300 million won (about $ 270,000).

Big Bang also got a good position in the streaming charts with the song ‘Tonight’ in the first position and ‘Cafe’ in fifth position. Number of itunes is still not released but his mini-album has achieved a good position in the itunes chart.

Mnet’s M! Countdown! officially named Big Bang‘s single “Tonight” the most explosive new hit in K-pop! The boy band attained the number one spot on their countdown for the second week in a row with their comeback track.

Congratulations to Big Bang “Tonight” and any other night they win!

source: popseoul

This time, Big Bang’s Daesung will be a special guest star in ‘Running Man. ”

Although there has been no official statement about the guest stars who will perform, photos behing the scenes in the ‘Running Man’ which is Daesung dan’Dumb and Dumber ‘his hyung, Yoo Jae Suk, who recently came to light.

credit: arsy
source: allkpop


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