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On April 1st, Nikon Imaging Korea revealed their first TV CF for the ‘COOLPIX P300‘. Titled ‘Red Carpet‘, the CF is part of their year-long campaign, ‘A shot a day’, which encourages people to take at least one picture a day.

2NE1’s Sandara Park appears as the main model, and the ‘COOLPIX P300′ is nicknamed ‘Sandara’s di-ca (digital camera). This camera has the brightest f1.8 lens among all compact cameras, covers for the lack of light at night or when shooting portraits, and produces sharp, high-quality photos. It’s also capable of recording HD videos, and has panorama-mode capabilities.

The “Red Carpet” CF starts with the members of 2NE1 walking down the red carpet of an awards show. Sandara Park is seen taking pictures of the other members with her COOLPIX P300. She pauses every so often to marvel at the quality of the photos, and then quickly moves to catch up with her members.

The head of Nikon Imaging Korea’s marketing team, Kim Dong Kook, stated, “The COOLPIX P300, with performance being a given, contains both a classic and modern style, which will satisfy the preferences of young, picky consumers. In particular, I look forward to seeing 2NE1, who are known to be trendsetters with their luxurious and unique styles, deliver the benefits of the COOLPIX P300.”

You can watch Sandara Park’s “Red Carpet” CF below!

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sources: Allkpop and News Tomatoes via Nate


On March 27th, the members of ”1 Night 2 Days” were given a mission to create a three-meter-tall snowman for the prize of ramen.

While the original members argued over the different ways to go about making a quick snowman, newcomer Uhm Tae Woong showed off his innocent personality by quietly following the orders of the other members, and gathering the snow himself.

Without much help from the others, Uhm Tae Woong was eventually able to finish his masterpiece, leading directors to add in a cute BGM and a yellow caption that showed his naivety to the program.

In order to fulfill the mission’s three-meter-height requirement, the members stacked clumps of snow on top of the snowman’s head, making it look very much like the signature ‘palm tree’ hairstyle of 2NE1’s Dara. Hilariously, the members agreed on nicknaming it “Sandara Park Snowman.”

Although the members ended up failing the mission, they all agreed that it was a memory that they’d cherish for a lifetime.

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sources: Newsen and Allkpop

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Around the world, people are being shocked and saddened by the earthquake and tsunamis that have hit Japan.

2ne1 members were also in Japan during the 8.9-magnitude earthquake on March 12th. Dara and the others were at the hotel at that time, preparing for a fan signing event at the hotel.

She said:

“At the time of the earthquake, we were on the 34th floor of our hotel dorm in Tokyo. Maybe it’s because we were higher up, but things shook a lot more severely, which surprised us all. I felt like I was going to fly out of my body. Even during the plane ride home, I couldn’t calm myself, and thinking about it now still scares me.

“After the shaking stopped, we walked from the 34th floor all the way down to the first and relocated to a safer location. There were many things to worry about, including our Japanese fans that were waiting for us in front of the hotel during the time of the actual earthquake.

“All of us were very shocked, but we were more worried for the safety of the Japanese people. I genuinely hope that everyone made it out of the disaster safely and that it doesn’t become worse.”

Every member of 2ne1 is safe now and have returned to Seoul, Korea.

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source: popseoul


Previously, it has been rumored that 2NE1 will return to Seoul after canceling their promotional activities in Japan. This is due to natural disasters that recently hit Japan.

Leader 2NE1, CL, became the first to arrive at Gimbo International Airport on March 12, noon. YG Entertainment explained that because of natural disasters that hit Japan a sudden, they can not get a plane ticket to all members, so members should take the next flight.

Dara, Minzy, and Bom get to Gimpo International Arport on March 12 night. Their return to Korea, make the fans be relieved.

2NE1 go to Japan on March 9 to begin their campaign in Japan on TV Asahi’s Music Station on March 11. However, earthquakes and tsunamis that hit Japan make them cancel it.


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source: allkpop

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on March 9, 2NE1 popular Korean group arrived in Japan for their March 11 appearance on Music Station program. About 800 fans camped at Tokyo’s Haneda airport with a colorful poster to welcome them.

2NE1 already 3 times to come to Japan before, for the concert BIGBANG “ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010” “MTV STAGE VMAJ2010 Wold, “and “SEOULTOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010”. This time, they have specially come to their appearance on TV Music Station.

As we reported earlier, 2NE1 will debut in Japan with the Japanese version of their single, “Go Away”, and they will release their first album in Japan under the title “2NE1”, will be circulated in the market on March 16. Earlier today, they released a phone ringtone to “Go Away”.

source: allkpop

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on March 9, Recochoku will release a Japanese version of “GO AWAY” as Chaku Uta (ringtone). Well, on March 9 this ringtone successfully stunning the Japanese fans and this just happened a few hours ago. many fans have downloaded the ring tone. Recently, a fan uploaded a small snippet of the song and can you hear the following:

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