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Singer G.NA was recently spotted showing off her perfect body while filming a new CF for “Juvis,” a dieting company.

In a slim fitting black one-piece, she’s seen posing confidently before the camera.

Noticing the peak of her cleavage, netizens expressed their amazement over her perfect body and acknowledged that the pictures proved no need for photoshop editing.

Netizens commented, “Anything can turn sexy if worn by G.NA,” “There’s probably no difference in the before and after edited shots,” and “She has such blessed genes…”

by: woon
sources: allkpop and JoongAng via Nate


G.NA walked the runway for Lie Sang Bong‘s Fashion Show at Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention (SETEC) today. The designer known for incorporating cultural themes in his styles, used the philosophy of Zen to create G.NA’s gigantic snowball exotic look. The audience was in awe of her flawless body and long legs. I still think she resembles a tall and lean snowball or frozen custard. The ensemble is nice, but they over did it with the makeup. Why should your skin match your clothes?

The singer,on the other hand, was honored and impressed by the designers’ unique ability in fashion and she was more than thrilled to model for him.

by: woon
sources: Popseoul and Joongang


The three celebrities, among many others on…..

twitter, are trending the popular phrase “Pray for Japan”. On March 14th, all of them tweeted the phrase in support of the enormous number of people affected by the disaster.

Over the weekend, the stars tweeted the following:

Brian: “OMG, I’m so saddened by the news about the earthquake in Japan. Praying for all those who had to experience such a tragedy. God be with u”

G.NA: “Just pray .. My prayers go out to all the people in JAPAN… Worldwide..”

After experiencing the earthquake first hand, 2NE1‘s Minzy wrote the message below in response to a friend:

“…..OK..Thank you!! Please keep praying for me. little bit shaking right now.”

What would you like to say to the people of Japan? Have you joined in on the supportive tweets?

by: woon
sources: popseoul, @mingkki21, @Brianjoomuzik, and @G_NA_love

Who is the real Barbie?

On March 11th, G.NA was photographed next to a mannequin on KBS‘s Cool FM Radio show . Netizens were amazed at how their body proportions were very similar. They even believed her legs looked slimmer than the plastic female imitation. Who was the better Barbie? Is it healthy to be thinner than a plastic dummy? [My answer would be….NO!]

Netizens expressed their approval of G.NA (their superior Barbie.)

by: woon
source: popseoul


G.NA‘s latest single “I Already Miss You” is probably making fanboys all over the nation ask the question…Why would anyone break up with her?

Their singing dream girl is expressing hearbreak after breaking up with the man she loved. G.NA performed her tune for the very first time on Mnet’s M! Countdown! on February 10th.

source: popseoul


After release “Black and White” G.NA release her new MV again, This week, G.NA released the full length MV for her latest single “I Already Miss You”.

Enjoy this video.



G.NA, who debuted with ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live,’ started off with a lot of anti-fans due to the fact that BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon featured in her mv. However, she has been receiving much love through her recent song ‘Black&White,’ which changed anti-fans to fans.

G.NA performed on BEAST’s solo concert on the past February 18th. On this day, G.NA received enthusiastic cheers from the fans of BEAST. There are some cases in which fans are generous to same company singers, but cheers that were toward G.NA had no separation between men and women.

G.NA’s agency Cube Entertainment’s administrator stated on the 3rd to Newsen “G.NA’s anti-fans are changing into her fans” and “From her debut to her early activities, she had many anti-fans but now they are turning into her supporters.”

Meanwhile, G.NA became a trend through winning first place in programs like Mnet ‘M!Countdown’, KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, and SBS ‘Inkigayo.’



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