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You wouldn’t know Hyun Bin when to the military… His face is everywhere.

This time around the man with that voice and adorable Lee Yeon-hee look both pretty and cute for the new Hite commercial.

In this round, Lee Yeon-hee causes Hyun Bin to burst into laughter by downing a whole pint and declaring, “I learned that a girl’s first drink should be a one-shot (bottom’s up).”

The commercial’s tagline, “Clean beer and you, if it’s like that, that’s enough,” as a part of Hite’s spring promotions.

The title of the commercial was, “Innocent Generation,” and Lee Yeon-hee‘s innocent appearance fits well with the concept, according to Hite executives.

Netizens are saying this CF is strangely reminiscent of the J-drama “Hotaru no Hikari.” …Maybe it’s the cherry blossoms, the beer, the patio drinking, and the rolling on the floor.

Anyway, this is the second time Lee Yeon-hee is appearing as Hyun Bin’s sweetheart, including the film “With a Millionaire’s Angel.”

source: popseoul


In the wake of the break-up news of super acting couple Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo, it was revealed that the actress sent one last message “as his girlfriend” before Hyun Bin entered the Marines on the 7th.

In the message, Song Hye-gyo sent wishes of welfare to the soon-to-be soldier, “Be healthy, and come back safe.”

This is a normal message to give to young Korean men entering their military service, but fans are seeing signs that the actress still has feelings for the now-Marine but circumstances made them break up. Those circumstances being Hyun Bin‘s decision to serve his military duty.

According to sources, “Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo were having a hard time with the ceaseless break-up gossip and rumors, and in the end they parted. But, after the break up was done and over with, they mutually plan to be close and continue regular contact through messages.”

On the 7th, Hyun Bin enlisted in the military, and the day after on the 8th, the news of their break up was revealed to the public.

The actor also said, “Overcoming burdens, I’m going. I’m sorry and thankful,” to Song Hye-gyo in response to the message.

source: popseoul

Song Hye Gyo asked to push off the announcement of their break-up since Hyun Bin was busy with multiple activities (1 drama, 2 movies, and enlisting in the marines). She did not want the news to affect his activities.

As to the reason for the break-up, Hyun Bin‘s management company confirmed that it was due to Hyun Bin‘s busy filming schedule during the shooting of the SBS drama “Secret Garden“. The couple did not have any time to see each other. The immense amount of public interest and the constant rumors of a split have also attributed to the break-up.



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