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“Kiss & Cry“, an upcoming SBS ice skating reality show featuring Kim Yuna, has been gaining lots of attention for its all-star line-up that includes Kim Byung Man, TVXQ’s Yunho, IU, Son Dambi, f(x)’s Krystal, Seo Ji Suk,Lee Ah Hyun, Park Jun Geum, speed skating gold medalist Lee Kyu Hyuk, and child actress Ji Jin Hee.

Today, the public got its very first look at the show with the first video teaser of the show, featuring Kim Yuna herself and her fellow castmates! Set to Justin Bieber’s Baby, the teaser reveals a range of emotions, from Yunho’s laughter to Son Dambi wiping away her tears.

“Kiss & Cry” is certainly the first variety show of its kind to grace the television waves in Korea, so we’re excited for this show to air.


On May 4th, singer v guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and was asked to choose between IU, the star of his “My Heart Is Beating” music video, and SNSD’s Yuri, the star of his “Tear Drops” music video.

The MCs asked, “Let’s see who is the current ‘trend.’ Pick between the two of them.”

Seeing K.Will contemplate his decision, fellow guest Wheesung advised him to be careful with his decision, as “the minute you open your mouth, you’re caught.”

After much deliberating, K.Will revealed, “Since IU was in two of my music videos, I’ll go with Yuri. I’d like for her to be in my next music video again.”

Super Junior’s Heechul joked by adding, “Cool’s Yuri“, which led K.Will to burst out in laughter.

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and Newsen via Nate

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On this week’s episode of “Section TV Entertainment“, actor Song Joong Ki and singer IU enjoyed a sweet date together in front of the cameras for an adorable interview with the show.

IU, who had previously listed Song Joong Ki as one of her many ideal men, showed off her shy character throughout the shoot by covering her eyes and blushing every time he called her by her real name.

After finding out that Song Joong Ki’s former dream actually used to be to become a PD, producers of the show handed him a mic and gave him the opportunity to be a reporter for the day. His first topic of business? He immediately turned to IU and asked, “Why does your ideal man change so much?”

Check out her answer on April 24th through MBC!

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and BNT News via Nate

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On April 11th, 2PM’s Wooyoung guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and shared some stories about himself and his “Dream High” co-star, IU.

Wooyoung began, “At the time of ‘Dream High’, I worked really hard to get closer with IU. People said that she was shy, so before the drama began, I asked Seulong, who’s close with IU, to send a text message to her for me. However, IU sent a text back to Seulong saying, ‘I probably won’t get close with Wooyoung even until the last episode.’ I was really hurt at the time.”

Afterwards, the two eventually met away from the film set in order to get closer. Wooyoung revealed, “For our first meal, we sat at separate tables and just concentrated on eating because we weren’t that close at the time. For our second meal, we went to eat rib eye, which as you know, is very expensive. I suggested that we go eat something else like samgyupsal, but IU insisted on buying.”

Unfortunately, including the staff members, the total bill came out to $600 USD. “IU told me, ‘If oppa pays for this while I go to the bathroom, you’ll be an amazing person to me.’ I felt that I had finally gotten close with her, and maybe this was my chance to be that ‘amazing person.’ I was a bit worried, though, because it was so expensive.”

While IU went to the bathroom, Wooyoung continued, “My manager poked me and said that this was too much for her to foot, and for us to just pay for her. I said no, let’s just let her pay. I said, ‘Hyung, you should respect the person’s decision if they want to pay!’ Eventually, we ended up splitting the bill between the agency and me, which IU had no idea about. IU later told me that she was actually joking about that statement and that she hadn’t meant it.

Wooyoung concluded, “I later received 10 texts from IU after that, all of which said, ‘Unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair! I was going to pay the bill!’” With a laugh, he added, “I felt like I had been played! But through that, we became a lot closer and were able to conclude the drama on a friendly note.”

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IU herself admitted that she looks like comedian Shin Bong Sun.

She appeared on KBS2TV’s “Happy Together 3” on April 7th, and revealed, “Even my fans now call me ‘Bong Sun’. I even think I look like her.”

Shin Bong Sun agreed completely with IU and bragged, “My mother saw IU on TV and said that she looked my youngest aunt when she was young.”

The guests and MCs were outraged by the statement and proceeded to argue against her statement .

MC Yoo Jae Suk stated, “I can’t acknowledge it. I’ll edit this out“, proving to be a hardcore fan of IU.

Comedian Kim Joon Ho even sided with the idol, saying, “Shin Bong Sun is famous among comedians for resembling frogs and gorillas. She does not look like IU at all.”

by: woon
sources: Allkpop and Korea Economic via Nate

IU recently clarified some rumors surrounding herself.

The idol appeared on SBS’s “Night After Night” on April 4th, and explained the rumor that she was ‘arrogant even at a young age’.

When I sing, my voice is thin and high but my normal voice is deep and low. So people think I talk to them as if I’m mad. I have been asked before if I have been looking down on them,” she said.

She continued to clarify, “I’m very shy and I was chubby after I debuted, so no one knew I was a celebrity. Even a security guard at a broadcasting station tried to force me out. There were many seniors who wouldn’t receive my greeting, so I used to bow to them and run away.”

Singer Kan Mi Youn revealed that she was one of the seniors who thought IU was arrogant and rude. She jokingly confessed, “A few years ago, I saw IU for the first time. She just bowed her head and went away. Newbies normally bow 90 degrees, and I wouldn’t have forgiven her if she couldn’t even sing well.”

by: woon
sources: allkpop and TV Daily via Yahoo Korea


IU also talked about her scandal with 2PM’s Wooyoung, her love interest from KBS2TV’s ”Dream High“.

She laughed, “We had an uncomfortable relationship [because of the scandal]. There were rumors that I followed him around because I liked him. I also found out that the 2PM members knew about this rumor, and that’s why they started to view me in a weird way.”

She then added that they got past the awkwardness and became close friends.

Stay tuned for more details when “Night By Night” airs on the 4th!

by: woon
source: allkpop

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