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Music Bank is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock full of amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages, Jay Park and SISTAR 19, comprising of SISTAR members Hyorin and Bora, made their debuts, while Untouchable and JJ had their comebacks.

Jay Park faced off against last week’s winner, f(x) for the K-Chart this week, and in the end, it was the former who clinched the win by a close call

Congratulations to Jay Park who comes up triumphant in his return!

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Over two weeks ago, Jay Park released the music video teaser for his upcoming track, “Abandoned“, which was then released shortly after on his brand new YouTube channel.

Now just moments ago, Jay Park has revealed the dance version to the “Abandoned” music video, and you can check it out below!

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Jay Park new video


On March 12 yesterday, Jay Park was the star guest at Guerrilla Date on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay”. In the event, he said his longing to all members 2PM.

Recently, Jay Park left a message apologizing for and to ex-agencynya 2PM, JYP, on the community website. When asked about his apology, he explained, “I participated in various shows and I have the album to be released. I left the message because I want to soothe my feelings. My heart, I always wanted to apologize. “

He added, “However, I can not relate to 2PM. When I met with 2PM at an event, I would be very happy. I’m really lost 2PM. I hope they also miss with me too.” He continues “I can only write to calm my feelings. My heart, I always wanted to say ‘I Apologize 2PM.”

Jay Park also add information about the next activity. He talked about his fans who waited longer for his comeback “I think they waited because I left them suddenly and because they will not forget me on stage.”

The interview was interrupted because a lot of fans who want to ‘date’ with him in Hongdae.

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Jay Park (Jaebum) will be filming a “gorilla date” for KBS‘s “Entertainment Relay,” on March 11th. This is a big step for the former idol, who is making his first broadcast since leaving 2PM and returning to Korea. The question is, will he mention 2PM?

Probably not, but it’s hard to say what will happen. Now, representatives from Jay’s current management, Sidus HQ stated, “Park Jaebum only thinks well of 2PM and there’s absolutely no hard feelings or resentment. Nonetheless, every time, we plan on holding back with just a few positive words.” They also stated that they hope fans have “good sense” for this filming, as Jay will be out in public for filming.

With this filming for broadcast, the filming of the movie “Happy Together,” and a planned April release of a music album, it seems like Jay is taking the right steps to have a solid year and a positive comeback into the spotlight.

This year, on February 17th, Jay left a statement a message board, “Because of my own mistake, I left 2PM. 2PM members had no wrong doings causing my departure, but rather I was suffering from a big ordeal [at the time],” and “I’m sorry to Producer Park Jin-young for disappointing him.”

To this, JYP Entertainment answered on February 22nd, “With a thankful heart, we accept Park Jaebum‘s apology.”

source: popseoul



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