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The last of the f(x) members, Luna, has finally revealed her teaser image for the group’s official comeback!

Styled with retro sunglasses and two cute buns, her photo was directed to express an image of energizing fun. After seeing ‘confident and chic’ Krystal, ‘androgynous charm’ Amber, ‘lovely and cute’ Sulli, and ‘feminine’ Victoria, fans can look forward to final product as the girls enter the final stages of their comeback preparations.

“Pinocchio” will be released on April 20th, followed by their comeback performance on KBS’s “Music Bank” on the 22nd.

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sources: Allkpop and OSEN via Naver

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On the upcoming episode of Strong Heart, Luna of f(x) revealed that host and comedian Kang Ho Dong made her cry once.

She explained, “Before my debut, the first program I appeared on was SBS’s Star King, and everyone around me told me not to feel hurt or disappointed by Kang Ho Dong.”

Kang Ho Dong seemed a little taken aback as Luna added, “I started the recording nervously, and when it ended, Kang Ho Dong called me over. I almost started to cry thinking that he would have harsh words for me.”

Apparently, Luna didn’t just cry, but she bawled. Unfortunately, you’ll have to find out what happens tomorrow when it airs.

by: woon
sources: Nate and Allkpop


ykb_5The new guest stars for MBC’s show, “Come to Play” with MCs Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee has announced.

“Good Day” IU, T-ARA Jiyeon, f(x) Luna, all born in 1993 [Year of the Chicken], are set to be on the newest episode of “Come to Play”

When the official photos of the recording were released, you could see the three girls friendly with each other. You can also see that they seem quite popular with the ”uncle” fans (older male stars)

IU’s loyal fan, Kim Taewoo, K-Will, B2ST’s Yoon Doojun, and others will also be on this episode.



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