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Infinite‘s new concept seems to be romantic playboy, as they give us the second teaser for “Nothing’s Over,” with encouragement from BEAST and MBLAQ.

For spring, romance is in the air for Infinite‘s comeback with a new music video “Nothing’s Over” to be released on March 17th.

This time around, the concept is “romantic playboys,” and we see Infinite not in their normal chic attire, but bright, pastel colors.

Also, BEAST and MBLAQ are included in the video cheering on their hoobaes.

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Is anybody know this?

If MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is the only member who did not have a cell phone.

Lee Joon asked not to use cell phone because his schedule is so crowded.

MBLAQ Agency commented “Lee Joon now does not carry a cell phone again. Due to a busy schedule, he does not want to be disturbed. “

Another agency representative said, “We know that Lee Joon travel without carrying cell phone.” and “Amid the MBLAQ comeback after a long period, and this becomes a very valuable opportunity for him. Because of this, Lee Joon decided to not wear cell phone.

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source: asian fans club

MBLAQ Lee Joon has expressed particular relationship with Yoo In Na.

March 8 edition of SBS ‘Strong Heart, “featuring Doll’s House special with stars including Yoon Eun Hye, Park Han Byul, Yoo In Na, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Joon, Kang Soo Ji and Jo Hyun Jae.

Lee Joon start by saying, “Having made its debut, the members [MBLAQ] and I went to a rodeo in Ahp Jung Goo.” He continued and explained “We played a game where the loser must give a signature to a stranger.” Lee Joon said that he lost when doing rock, paper, scissors and must provide a signature to a woman in a café who performed at random.

“But when I gave my sign, he gave me his signature, too,” said Lee Joon. He surprised everyone by revealing that it contains the signature, “Good luck. Unstoppable High Kick – Yoo In Na “.

Lee Joon became ashamed after this and worry that this strange rumor that will directly spread. “I swear I did not see him again. I even hope that he will not succeed, “said Lee Joon ..

“After that, I was invited to appear on ‘Heroes,'” said Lee Joon. “I really do not want to see it again, In fact Yoo Na was more successful.” Lee Joon then looked Yoo In Na and explained, “Do not be so negative. I am not a playboy. ”

Yoo In Lee Joon Na entertaining and said “I think Lee Joon people are cute and a good person. I hope we can laugh together about this when we’ve grown ”

Lee Joon also admitted that he likes Yoo In Na as a fan and love her as a woman, then he also showed his ballet skills and re-show scene signature.


Fan cafe rankings for this month, this is the list:

1. TVXQ – 751227
2. Big Bang – 346970
3. SNSD – 301253
4. SS501 – 240126
5. Super Junior – 225230
6. 2PM – 195874
7. BEAST – 179534
8. BUZZ – 136262
9. Shinhwa – 130090
10. SHINee – 125975
11. Wonder Girls – 100807
12. FT Island – 99826
13. 2NE1 – 97419
14. MBLAQ – 82336
15. H.O.T. – 72673
16. GOD – 69578
17. f(x) – 63649
18. SES – 59266
19. 2AM – 59108
20. KARA: 56097

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source by: dkpopnews


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