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The three celebrities, among many others on…..

twitter, are trending the popular phrase “Pray for Japan”. On March 14th, all of them tweeted the phrase in support of the enormous number of people affected by the disaster.

Over the weekend, the stars tweeted the following:

Brian: “OMG, I’m so saddened by the news about the earthquake in Japan. Praying for all those who had to experience such a tragedy. God be with u”

G.NA: “Just pray .. My prayers go out to all the people in JAPAN… Worldwide..”

After experiencing the earthquake first hand, 2NE1‘s Minzy wrote the message below in response to a friend:

“…..OK..Thank you!! Please keep praying for me. little bit shaking right now.”

What would you like to say to the people of Japan? Have you joined in on the supportive tweets?

by: woon
sources: popseoul, @mingkki21, @Brianjoomuzik, and @G_NA_love


Previously, it has been rumored that 2NE1 will return to Seoul after canceling their promotional activities in Japan. This is due to natural disasters that recently hit Japan.

Leader 2NE1, CL, became the first to arrive at Gimbo International Airport on March 12, noon. YG Entertainment explained that because of natural disasters that hit Japan a sudden, they can not get a plane ticket to all members, so members should take the next flight.

Dara, Minzy, and Bom get to Gimpo International Arport on March 12 night. Their return to Korea, make the fans be relieved.

2NE1 go to Japan on March 9 to begin their campaign in Japan on TV Asahi’s Music Station on March 11. However, earthquakes and tsunamis that hit Japan make them cancel it.


by: woon
source: allkpop

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on March 9, 2NE1 popular Korean group arrived in Japan for their March 11 appearance on Music Station program. About 800 fans camped at Tokyo’s Haneda airport with a colorful poster to welcome them.

2NE1 already 3 times to come to Japan before, for the concert BIGBANG “ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010” “MTV STAGE VMAJ2010 Wold, “and “SEOULTOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010”. This time, they have specially come to their appearance on TV Music Station.

As we reported earlier, 2NE1 will debut in Japan with the Japanese version of their single, “Go Away”, and they will release their first album in Japan under the title “2NE1”, will be circulated in the market on March 16. Earlier today, they released a phone ringtone to “Go Away”.

source: allkpop

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on March 9, Recochoku will release a Japanese version of “GO AWAY” as Chaku Uta (ringtone). Well, on March 9 this ringtone successfully stunning the Japanese fans and this just happened a few hours ago. many fans have downloaded the ring tone. Recently, a fan uploaded a small snippet of the song and can you hear the following:

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