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miss A’s Suzy has proven herself to be the ‘Female Hercules’ after showing her unexpected strength in an arm wrestling contest on this week’s KBS 2TV’s “100 Points Out of 100″.

On the show, Suzy paired up with SISTAR’s Bora, Soyu, and Hwa Young to form the ‘Jeolla-Jeju’ team, and after a round of battles against various female idol stars, Suzy managed to take the 1st place spot for the strongest female idol.

Suzy’s first two victims were T-ara’s Soyeon and Brave Girls’ Eunyoung, who she managed to K.O in a breeze with an effortless cocking motion of her wrist. After consecutive wins against other female idol singers, Suzy’s castmates were quick to give her the new nickname, “Giant Baby”.

Once the show ended, netizens made comments about Suzy’s strength such as, “Suzy, the new female Hercules’”, “Not only is her face pretty, but she’s strong too?”, and “She’s beautiful even when she’s arm wrestling.”

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Sources: Financial News via Daum

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On April 4th, the members of miss A visited the Gwacheon Government Complex in order to be formally appointed as the honorary ambassadors for Korea’s 4th “Together Day“.

Minister Lee Kwi Nam commented, “We hope that with this appointment, there will be more efforts in connecting and communicating with foreigners.”

“Together Day” was created to build a stronger foundation of respect and friendship between Koreans and foreigners living in one area. This holiday is observed annually, and several events have been planned for a week of celebrations, starting on May 20th.

They continued, “We have chosen the multicultural girl group, miss A, to aid us in expanding ‘Together Day’ both in Korea and overseas.”

by: woon
sources: allkpop and TV Daily via Nate


On April 3rd, miss A held a fan signing at the Aniplace store in Myung-dong, Seoul in celebration of the release of the brand’s latest products.

As they are exclusive models for the brand, the girls were asked to choose and share a product they liked best. Suzy chose a BB cream that she claimed did wonders for her baby skin, while Min chose a gel liner for creating precise eye shapes. Jia chose a chiffon base for creating a clear complexion and Fei chose a non-smear mascara for sexy eyes.

The girls stated, “We’re glad to be able to meet with our fans and introduce our favorite products during our short hiatus. Ahead of our comeback album preparations, it was fun spending time with people that love both Aniplace and miss A.”

by: woon
sources: allkpop and Newsen via Nate


The ladies of miss A are the new ambassadors for Korea’s ‘Together Day’, a special day that promotes peace between Koreans and foreigners living together in one place.

JYP Entertainment announced on the 29th that the girls will be promoting through performance events and appearances on April 4th. They believed that the girls were selected because miss A is comprised of two Korean members and the two Chinese members –  regardless of their diverse backgrounds, the four manage to deliver their flawless teamwork and happiness.

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source: Allkpop



Regardless, netizens have been noticing that lately the MissA girls “seem to have lost weight,” from their recent uploads to their personal Twitter accounts(@missA_min and @missA_suzy).

Frankly, it’s well-known by fans and netizens that the MissA girls are in the middle of a 365-day diet. Fans are noticing the changes saying, “Their cheek fat has literally disappeared.”

Even with this photo, Suzy particularly said, “Still a long way to go,” which netizens believe refers to the long road of dieting she has ahead of her.

Yet, it seems like these two could just stop here and call it a successful diet. They’re quite skinny already.

Some netizens commented on the hardships of an idol diet saying, “In idol restaurants, there aren’t even plain chicken breasts,” and “Every time I look at them, I can see them losing weight. Maybe they’re just maturing, but it really is a pity.”

Some gave straight praises, “Since they lost weight, now they really look feminine.”

source: popseoul

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An announcement in front of Suzy’s parents’ restaurant has been getting attention.
Suzy’s parents are known to have restaurants in Gwangju. They were making progress in terms of bookings because of the popularity of Suzy has also increased. The restaurant was recently closed to changes in business, and it was reported that Suzy gave money to help their parents in renovating the restaurant.


The announcement in front of the store reads, “Thanks for the love and support to support Suzy Miss A ‘Moo Deung Boon Shik’ (the name of the previous shop) will be reopened as Cafe ‘Soo’. We will soon open and pay attention and your support ”

The last sentence, “The owner has not changed”, and has attracted attention among the fans. Fans responded with comments like,

* “I am relieved with this announcement”
* “The owner should not be changed”
* “There’s something funny about this”
* “I must visit when it reopens. ”

Source and Images: Nate

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