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A video clip starring actress Park Han Byul, soccer player Ki Sung Yeung, and idol groups TVXQ and SECRET is causing quite the stir on Korean community boards.

Titled “Nike Women’s Race Seoul“, the video is a CF for a marathon. Being a top sports brand, Nike managed to gather Korea’s favorite stars from a variety of fields to boost interest in the event.

Netizens said, “I’m so sad it’s so short!”, “All their charms are different from each other’s”, and “This gets me pumped for the event.”

by: woon
sources: allkpop and Sports Chosun via Nate


As always. The Se7en-Park Han-byul couple are showing off their relationship in a new batch of overly adorable couple photos, including the one above.

They uploaded this tender photo along with 8 others to a cafe, and netizens are saying, “They really are so perfect,” and “When are they getting married?”


On 8 March, actress Park Han Byul a guest on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and reveals how she was going out as Se7en. He was asked to describe her first impression is Se7en.

He laughed, “When I first saw it, his skin was so smooth – I really think he is very feminine. She is so beautiful, I thought, how could a man even looks like that? One day, he called me and asked if I had a boyfriend or not. ”

When pressed for an answer, Park Han Byul continued, “I have a girlfriend at the time, so I said I have one. Se7en said, ‘I’ll introduce you to a wonderful man’ who will not disappoint ”

“I told him he would introduce my friend not me, and he said,” It’s okay, forget it, “and hung up. A few months later, I broke up with my girlfriend and Se7en contact me again, asking if I had a boyfriend. After that, we just started dating ”

Park Han Byul concluded, “I later found out that the ‘people outside the usual’ who wanted him to introduce me was Se7en, himself!”

source: Star News via Nate


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