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A video clip starring actress Park Han Byul, soccer player Ki Sung Yeung, and idol groups TVXQ and SECRET is causing quite the stir on Korean community boards.

Titled “Nike Women’s Race Seoul“, the video is a CF for a marathon. Being a top sports brand, Nike managed to gather Korea’s favorite stars from a variety of fields to boost interest in the event.

Netizens said, “I’m so sad it’s so short!”, “All their charms are different from each other’s”, and “This gets me pumped for the event.”

by: woon
sources: allkpop and Sports Chosun via Nate


SECRET’s Song Ji Eun concluded her successful solo promotions for “Going Crazy” on today’s episode of “M! Countdown“. She also celebrated rapper Bang Yong Guk’s 22nd birthday backstage.

M! Countdown’s official Twitter shared, “Today is the day SECRET’s Ji Eun concludes her successful promotions through M! Countdown. Celebrating the birthday of her loving stalker, Bang Yong Guk-ssi~ Please congratulate the both of them soon!”

Fans commented, “You guys really look good together, like a couple hehe,” “Labelmate siblings look so cute!,” and “Happy birthday! Looking forward to Bang Yong Guk’s debut!”

Check out their final performance below!

by: woon
sources: Allkpop and Star News via Naver


B2ST Lee Kikwang admitted in public that he was attracted to members SECRET June Hyosung.

On March 12, members B2ST appeared as guest on the show KBS, “100 Points Out of 100”. Miss A Min also be a guest on the show, and many people are interested to witness the event, as previously Kikwang mention that min is the ideal type of girl.

But it seems Kikwang changed his mind, for he said, “At one point a girl my ideal Min, but recently I found a girlband member who makes my heart pound.” Then kikwang revealed that the girl he was referring to the Hyosung.

Lee Kikwang continued, “the fourth member of the Secret, Hyosunglah just makes me stunned.” Yoseob added, since SECRET began promotions for “Shy Boy”, Kikwang has shown that he will always be interested at Hyosung.

After hearing the confession, Hyosung (which is a regular guest at the event) shy and expressed his happiness with a big smile. Throughout the event, Kikwang continue to show interest in the Hyosung by clapping and overreact every time Hyosung finish.

source: asian fans club


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