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On May 7th, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa guested on  KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” and chose his “We Got Married” partner, SNSD’s Seohyun as his ideal woman.

During the broadcast, the show’s reporter asked the members of CNBLUE to name an ideal type. When it came to Yonghwa’s turn, the idol was specifically asked, “If you had to choose your ideal woman between f(x)’s Sulli and SNSD’s Taeyeon, who would it be?”

After a short pause, Yonghwa sensibly answered, “I will pick Seohyun.” He went on to express a bit of shyness over his reply, warming the hearts of viewers.

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and TV Report via Nate


On April 12th, SBS’s “Strong Heart” released a preview for the upcoming April 19th episode. During the preview, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa was seen yelling, “Seohyun, I love you!” and then, “What am I going to do now?”, gathering much curiosity from netizens.

Netizens are assuming that Yonghwa is using “Strong Heart” to express his sorrows about the ending of his fake marriage with Seohyun on MBC’s “We Got Married“. They are also wondering if this loud outburst came from his inability to see her as often now that their ‘marriage’ is over.

If you want to see the real reason behind his sudden outburst, don’t miss next week’s episode!

by: woon
sources: Allkpop and BNT News

Is Yonghwa unable to forget his ex-wife Seohyun?  The idol’s true thoughts about his former “We Got Married” partner were revealed on the Twitter of Mnet’s “M! Countdown“.

When asked the question, “I hope __ will cheer me on during today’s performance?”, the CNBLUE member chose Seohyun out of Kim Yuna and Secret Garden’s Gil Raim.

Seohyun and Yonghwa ended their marriage on MBC’s “We Got Married” on April 2nd, and the couple teared up at their last filming, even giving each other hugs for the first time.

Netizens commented, “Oh! Jung Yong Hwa is revealing his true feelings this way”, “I bet the CNBLUE boys miss Seohyun too”, and “They really looked good together“.

by: woon
sources: Allkpop and TV Report via Nate

The Goguma Couple composed of C.N BLUE‘s Jung Yong-hwa and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun officially declared, they would be leaving the virtual couple variety show “We Got Married“.

The producers revealed “There’s an end to everything.  It was a difficult decision, and both are very disappointed with the reports that got out before we could finalize everything.

The couple’s end couldn’t come at a worse time,  being less than 3 months since the departure of the Adam Couple back in January.

The reason for the sudden announcement?

With Girls’ Generation ready for a new single and Japanese tour and Yong-hwa’s upcoming drama, the couple simply don’t have time anymore for each other.

Unlike the Adam Couple’s final episode though the producers revealed, “the ending has not been shot yet, and it will be sometime next month. The ending will be made as beautifully as possible to reflect what the couple wants.””

While this isn’t the first time the show has fallen into this situation, with declining ratings many are wondering if this is the end.

That won’t be case though as the producers added  “The new line-up hasn’t been finalized yet, but there are a few that we’re keeping a close eye on. We’ll begin to prepare for the new changes now.”

source: popseoul


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