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Big Bang’s maknae is business-savvier than he looks!  The popular idol updated his me2day with the announcement that he’s created an official me2day and Twitter account for ‘Seungri Academy’.

The idol wrote, “May 5th is Children’s Day, all of you children, don’t get sick and become wonderful people^^!!!!! Fighting ㅡ Seungri children ㅡ (Seungri Academy me2day and twitter have been opened)^^ me2day ( Twitter (@v_academy) Please give them a lot of love“.

In case you’re still confused as to why fans thought this Seungri Academy didn’t exist, Seungri talked about the school when he gave Sandara Park variety lessons.

However, most fans thought he was just kidding around.

Apparently, however, the academy is real!  Seungri’s academy was featured on a recent broadcast of SBS’s “Midnight Entertainment”, where they revealed that Seungri opened a music and dance academy in his hometown of Gwangju. The idol invested the money he earned from his Big Bang promotions, saying “I wanted to invest his money that I earned to have an alternate source of income.”

The principal of the academy mentioned that Seungri already has plans to build a center in China as well.

Look out, Big Three – is Seungri on his way to becoming the next K-pop mogul?

By: Woon

Source: Allkpop


On April 13th, Big Bang’s Seungri uploaded a video of himself fanboying over his hyungs while they goofed around on animal rides.

Attaching a message with the video, Seungri wrote, “I saw Big Bang’s T.O.P. and Taeyang at the Daemyung Resort in Byunsan. It was so cool.”

In the actual video, Seungri exclaims, “Oh, it’s T.O.P.! Wow, he looks so good in person! He looks so good, wow! So good in person! Oh, it’s T.O.P., wow T.O.P.!” He then moves over to Taeyang and continues, “Oh, it’s Taeyang! It’s Taeyang! You look so good in person!”

Netizens commented, “They look so cute playing together!”, “It’d be really nice seeing them in person, right?”, and “Seungri is still obsessed with T.O.P.?”

by: woon

sources: Allkpop and TV Daily via Nate

There’s only three more days to go until Big Bang drops their re-packaged mini-album, and the boys have revealed their final individual cut.

Maknae Seungri heralds ‘D-3′ with a suave look and his mischievous scowl.

Fans are noticing that the baby of the Big Bang family is coming into his own day-by-day, and that he’s adding a fresh-faced charm to the entire group.

With two more teasers remaining (and an MV teaser, and an audio teaser, and then the full title track, and then the full MV), YG seems to be pulling out all the stops to build hype for Big Bang’s latest release.

by: woon
source: allkpop

During a recent recording for MBC’s “Come to Play“, BigBang’s Seungri candidly revealed that he may have been a bit too proud of his success with ”Strong Baby“.

He explained, “Two years after I finally became an adult, I was able to go into my debut solo activities. Once it began earning a positive response, I thought to myself that I could be a hit too! I held my head up high at that.”

Leader G-Dragon threw in, “At the time, Seungri always walked around with his hands clasped behind his back.” Seungri then went on to mention an awards speech he had given during a music program win, and claimed that even he was embarrassed of how narcisstic it was.

Be sure to tune in for more details after “Come To Play” airs on April 4th at 11:15 PM KST.

by: woon
source: allkpop


Recently, the Big Bang was interviewed in Seoul, Hapjeongdong. And they asked, who is a member of the most popular overseas?

In Japan, G-Dragon who seemed more popular among other members. Because, style G-Dragon’s unique always get the attention of fans in Japan.

SeungRi dodge, “But in North Asia, in Thailand, I was superior. And in Hong Kong I look like a neat guy. ”

source: dkpopnews



Big Bang 4 Mini Album has dominated the physical album chart and they now dominate the digital album chart.

March 10, according to the Gaon Chart, the song Big Bang ‘Tonight’ in the second week of March had occupied the first position chart download / digital Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Dosirak, and Soribada with a total download of 357.126.

The song ‘Cafe’ and ‘What Is Right’ respectively occupy the second position (260.000) and third (247.804), while the song ‘Somebody to Love’ was ranked fifth with 209.502 downloads. If you add up all the total downloads, it will amount to more than 1,000,000 times the download.

Big Bang 4 songs top 5 positions, showed the power of the artist in the world of K-pop. In addition, the Big Bang has earned profits of more than 100 million Won (about $ 90,000) within one week of their song titled ‘Tonight’, and from 4 songs before, they get about 300 million won (about $ 270,000).

Big Bang also got a good position in the streaming charts with the song ‘Tonight’ in the first position and ‘Cafe’ in fifth position. Number of itunes is still not released but his mini-album has achieved a good position in the itunes chart.

Mnet’s M! Countdown! officially named Big Bang‘s single “Tonight” the most explosive new hit in K-pop! The boy band attained the number one spot on their countdown for the second week in a row with their comeback track.

Congratulations to Big Bang “Tonight” and any other night they win!

source: popseoul


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