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After taking a picture in front of the Notre Dame the boys of Super Junior and SHINee recorded a special video and were spotted by the fans.

ELFs and ShaWols took over Paris during the weekend and a group of lucky ones found the boys at the Notre Dame Cathedral where they were taking pictures and recording a video. The best part of it is that Super Junior and SHINee suddenly started dancing and singing ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Ring Ding Dong’ in front of Notre Dame Cathedral provoking the screams of the fans around.

We might probably see a complete video soon, but so far enjoy this fan cam.

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source: RaiBaka @ youtube gokpop


It was recently announced that SHINee was invited to MTV’s “Video Music Aid Japan”, which will be held this coming June. The boy band’s invitation is particularly special, since they were the only Korean artist to receive one.

MTV confirmed on May 12th, “SHINee will be the only Korean singers to perform at the live broadcast of the “VMAJ” on June 25th at 6 PM.”

Other performers of the night include world-wide star Lady GaGa, Japan’s #1 girl group, AKB48, and popular German rock band, Tokio Hotel. The inclusion of many global top stars makes SHINee’s invitation all the more meaningful.

The boys are gearing up to release heir first Japanese single, “Replay“, this June, which will be followed by an active promotion schedule in Japan.

Meanwhile, SNSD has been nominated in three categories for the awards show, including “Best Group Video”, “2011’s Best Video“, and “Best Karaoke Award”.

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Sources: Allkpop OSEN via Daum


Earlier this week, KBS’s “Immortal Song 2” finalized a six-member line-up for their upcoming variety show. They’ve just added four new names to the list today, which include SHINee’s Jonghyun, 2PM’s Junsu, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, and F.T. Island’s Hong Ki.

PD Kwon Jae Young spoke through 10asia and stated, “Due to their schedules, they won’t be with us for the first episode, but they will be joining the show.”

He continued, “The show is a contest amongst six singers. Currently, SHINee’s Jonghyun and 2PM’s Junsu are scheduled to join in the 3rd and 5th episodes respectively, but because there are no eliminations in this show, their appearances aren’t finalized. They’ll be joining when the original six must leave due to conflicting schedules or if they no longer want to be a part of the show.”

In short, Jonghyun, Junsu, Yonghwa, and Hong Ki are included in the line-up, but it’ll be some time before fans can see them competing in the show. ”We’re currently discussing a system where singers can leave the show honorably once they won three times,” he added.

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Sources: Allkpop and 10Asia via Nate

SHINee’s Jonghyun, who’s rarely been seen in public since injuring his ankle ligaments last year, celebrated his 21st birthday on April 8th!

Besides holding a birthday party with fans and his SHINee members (as heard below), he also posted a message on SHINee’s official website as follows:

Hello, this is bling-bling Jonghyun

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes^^

I’ve received birthday wishes last year, and even the year before that, but they feel different every year

It’s been a while since we met.. hee

Let’s continue to meet from here on out ^^

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source: Allkpop and SHINee’s SM Town website

Before the live broadcast of tvN’s “Opera Star 2011“, tvN held a photo wall event at the Sang Myung Art Center in Seoul.

This star-studded event saw a list of stars turning up to support their mates and included the likes of f(x)’s Victoria, Krystal, and Luna; SHINee’s Onew, Taemin, Minho, and Key; CSJH’s Dana; Jewelry’s Ye Won, Joo Yeon and Se Mi; 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Jinwoon; 8eight’s Baekchan, Lee Hyun and Joo Hee; Clazziquai’s Horan; Handsome People; songwriter Bang Shi Hyuk; and Byul.

On this day, eight top singers – including Kim Chang Ryul, Shin Hae Chul, Im Jung Hee, Moon Hee Ok, Tae, JK Kim Dong Wook, Jewelry’s Kim Eun Jung, and CSJH’s Sunday – participated in a survival opera competition, singing in front of a 1,200-person audience.

Kim Chang Ryul sang Donizetti’s “Una Furtive Lagrima (A Furtive Tear)” from L’Elisir d’amore (The Elixir of Love), Shin Hae Chul performed “Granada” from the same opera, Im Jung Hee sang Bizet’s “Habanera” from Carmen, and Moon Hee Ok sang Bellini’s “Casta Diva” from Norma.

Also, Tei performed “La donna e mobile (Woman is Fickle)” from Verdi’s Rigoletto, JK Kim Dong Wook sang “Toreador’s Song” from Bizet’s Carmen, Kim Eun Jung did ”O mio babbino caro (Oh My Dear Papa)” from Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi, and Sunday sang Handel’s “Lascia ch’io Pianga (Let Me Weep)” from the opera Rinaldo.

After the viewers select two members through a real-time text message vote, the four judges – made up of mentors Suh Jung Hak and Kim Soo Yeon, as well as professionals Suh Hee Tae and Kang Il Bum – will evaluate the performances and eliminate a member.

by: woon
sources: allkpop and SPN via Nate

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Fans are always so mind-boggled with they see their favorite idol stars out and about. This time, in broad daylight, SHINee member Key was spotted in a cafe having a small meal with two women who appear to be fashion coordinators.

Fans were most pleased with the SHINee member’s style, a pastel baseball jacket with gray skinny jeans fits perfectly into the group’s normal pop style.

Usually idol members hide their faces and style when going out into public, but Key just went on out.

Netizens are saying, “As soon as I saw his clothes, I could tell it was Key ^^ㅋㅋ” and “The real deal seems better looking in person.”

by: woon
source: popseoul

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SM Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the unfair judgment which deemed S.M The Ballad’s album as ‘inappropriate for youths’.

According to the Seoul Administrative Court, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family, stating, ”We cannot accept the judgment which was made with imprecise standards.”

The Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family deemed S.M The Ballad’s track, “Another Day“, as inappropriate for anyone under legal age due to the lyrics’ references to alcohol (“Drunk on alcohol so that I don’t miss you” and “If you fall asleep drunk, you dream“).

Yet representatives of SM Entertainment are claiming this judgment to be ridiculous. One particular representative expressed their opinion to Star News, saying “We don’t understand why they would flag it for inappropriate content based on references to alcohol. They didn’t consider the charm of the song as a whole. Judging by specific words impedes the writers’ freedom of expression.”

Last November, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, TRAX’s Jay and Jino worked together for a project group named ‘S.M The Ballad’. However, since the album was deemed as inappropriate for youths, fans under 19 years old was unable to purchase the album.

source: allkpop


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