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SISTAR19’s Bora recently showed off a new set of photos from the “Ma Boy” MV set which emphasized her flexibility and perfect figure.

The idol is already known for her athleticism and flexibility, thanks to her achievements on various fitness variety programs. Consequently, the pictures of her pulling off those difficult moves no longer seems to surprise her fans.

Netizens, however, remained impressed by the set as they commented, “Not only can she make a V-line with her face, but her legs as well,” “Crazy flexibility, probably the most flexible out of all of the girl groups”, and “Wow, she might even be better than Jo Yeo Jung and Uhm Jung Hwa.”

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Sources: Allkpop and Star News via Naver

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SISTAR’s new sub-unit group, SISTAR19, made their round of debuts on this week’s music promotions with their title track, “Ma Boy.” In an interview with Sports Today and Star News, the girls took the time to explain a bit about their image and what differentiates them from SISTAR.

The girls began, “‘Ma Boy’ is a song about the emotions that a 19 year old girl feels as she matures into a 20 year old. It’s because of this song that our team name includes the number 19. There definitely was pressure in having to do better as a representation of SISTAR, but our dongsengs supported us a lot through the ordeal and helped lossen some of the weight.”

They continued, “Now that we’re promoting, we feel the empty spaces of our two dongsengs. It’s still kind of awkward working with back dancers on stage.”

When asked what differentiated them from SISTAR, Bora replied, “SISTAR19’s image lies in maturity. There’s a difference between our music and SISTAR’s music. As SISTAR, we were always known for our powerful and strong image. This time, we’re promoting a medium tempo track with a smooth melody that truly makes us feel like feminine women. It’s sexy, but also cute.”

Bora continued, “Through SISTAR19, we feel like we’re able to show a stronger color of who the two of us are. We hope to get SISTAR’s name more known through this promotion cycle.”

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop, Sports Today via Naver, Star News via Naver


Starship Entertainment sprung a surprise late last month with the unveiling of SISTAR’s sub-unit, SISTAR19 comprising of members, Hyorin and Bora and they made their debut on today’s MBC’s Music Core with their debut single, “Ma Boy“!

In contrast to the high tension music video teaser, the song is sweeter in quality.

The girls have been working with Brave Brothers since their debut, and he’s their producer once again for this romantic track about the nervous feelings of a young woman in love. As expected, Hyorin’s explosive vocals and Bora’s rapping are a perfect match!

So check out their debut stage below!

By: Woon

Source: Allkpop



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