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Late last month, Super Junior-M released a repackaged album for “Too Perfect.”

On May 9th, SM Entertainment revealed that the album has been sweeping Taiwanese music charts ever since its release.

As of the 9th, the album ranked first on many of Taiwan’s weekly sales charts, such as FIVE MUSIC, CCR, and 光南,.

This repackaged album features a re-arrangement of a famous Taiwanese folk song called “西風的話“; Super Junior-M’s Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Zhoumi delivered an a cappella version by composer Kenzie that’s become quite popular amongst ELFs and local music fans alike.

The boys are also involved in a variety of other activities in Taiwan, such as MCing for a variety program by East Wind TV. Members Si Won and Donghae are also busy filming for their upcoming drama, “Extravagant Challenge.”

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and Star News via Naver


The first-ever Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards, organized by Taiwan’s Hit Radio, was held last night at Taipei Arena, where a list of stars attended and were awarded awards.

Super Junior-M, who is currently in Taipei, couldn’t turn up for the ceremony, but they were still awarded the Most Popular Group award, and they appeared via a video recording to thank their fans for the support. In addition, their parent group, Super Junior, also scooped home the Best Selling J-pop/K-pop Album of the Year for BONAMANA.

Sony Music Taiwan was the biggest winner on this night, with its label artists Lee Hom and Jay Chou scooping up 9 big awards; Lee Hom was awarded Best Male Singer, while Jay won the Most Popular Male Artist award.

The full list of awards can be viewed here (in Chinese).

by: woon
source: Allkpop and Ent 163


To celebrate SJ-M’s 3rd anniversary, Taiwan fans specially selected the LED wall at the Zhongshan and Minquan intersection in Taipei city to broadcast the celebratory video. The broadcast period will be from April 7th till April 10th, and the 30 second video will be played hourly everyday from 7am till 11pm.

SJ-M has made an extravagant comeback with their second mini-album “Perfection” in February. At the same time, 2 new members: Sungmin and Eunhyuk were added into the group. SJ-M members are currently in Taiwan for a long stay. Besides that, on April 6th, Super Junior’s fans, with the name Super Junior (TW ELF) will be sending 960000 yen worth of donations to the Japanese Exchange Association in Taiwan to support the earthquake relief in north-eastern Japan.

Back in late February / early March, the boys of Super Junior M released their Perfection mini-album. Recently, it was revealed that the boys would be staying in Taiwan for two months to promote ‘Perfection’ and they kicked things off with their first live performance on Channel V’s variety program Love JK.

SJ-M is a sub-unit of Super Junior’s and their members consist of Si Won, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhou Mi, Eunhyuk and Sungmin.

Check out the performance below!

by: woon
source: allkpop

Having arrived in Taipei last Thursday, it was revealed that the Super Junior-M members would be staying in Taiwan for two months to promote their latest mini-album, “Perfection”

SJ-M is a sub-unit of Super Junior’s and their members consist of Si Won, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhou Mi, Eunhyuk and Sungmin.

The boys will be staying in a rented apartment, and are scheduled to take Mandarin lessons everyday from a local teacher. Out of the eight members, Si Won and Donghae have been described as being the most adept at the language. Si Won has been learning Mandarin for three years now, and is able to converse fluently. As for Donghae, he feels that he is really good at pronouciation, and is really skilled at pick-up lines.

Hilariously, Kyuhyun remarked, “His prounciation is really terrible!”

Eunhyuk is still adjusting to the local cuisine, and bought a big bundle of kimchi from a market the day before. As for Sungmin, he seems to have adapted really well. The star commented, “I am eating very well, I think I put on weight.” Meanwhile, Henry said, “My mum is in Taipei, so she cooked salt baked chicken for us.”

Although they would like to tour Taipei, the sight of fans hiring vehicles and chasing them around has led them to becoming a bit more reclusive instead. Donghae sighed, “I wish we could tour Taipei normally and we hope that fans don’t stick to us so closely and give us some private space.”

Besides promoting with SJ-M, Donghae and Si Won will also be staying an additional two months to film for the Taiwanese drama, “Extravagant Challenge“, opposite Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai.

Although neither have met the girls yet, Zhou Mi is already worrying about Donghae’s height disparity and joked, “Don’t stand next to her!”

Si Won already peeped the girls’ photos, and said in Mandarin, “I think they are really pretty and it’s an honor to be filming the drama with them.”

As for kissing scenes, Si Won expressed, “I understand that there are kissing scenes in the comic, but I have not gotten the script yet, so I do not know.” Donghae however stressed on the importance of having kiss scenes, “It’s not that I want it, but the viewers. Everyone loves romance.”

Eunhyuk joked, “Donghae always practices kiss scenes with his manager.”

Since their last album got nominated at the Golden Melody Awards, Zhou Mi is hoping for yet another nomination with their new album, which has already sold 20,000 copies thus far in Taiwan. He said, “We are focusing our efforts in Taiwan this time and if “Perfection” gets nominated, it will be perfection!”

by: woon
sources: Apple Daily Taiwan, ifensi Taiwan and Allkpop


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