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Former Black Beat member and SM Entertainment performance director, Shim Jae Won, has revealed a photo through his Twitter possibly hinting at the choreography for Super Junior’s 5th album.

Shim Jae Won tweeted, “Our juniors forever, Super Junior!! Brainstorming choreography… with @hydrayuge. I want a go home…..”. ‘@hydrayuge’ is Gregory Hwang, another choreographer working for SM Entertainment.

Attached to the post was a picture of an arrangement of cups labeled with the names of Super Junior’s members’, possibly hinting at the dance formation / positions of the members for an upcoming song. Leeteuk is leading the arrangement as he is the leader in the formation.

Source + Photo: Shim Jae Won’s Twitter, alkpop


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On the most recent recording of ‘Star King‘, a segment titled “Finding a foreign Hallyu-king” found someone with an odd resemblance to Super Junior’s Shindong.

Shindong himself was shocked when he met his Thai doppelganger, who reportedly to be plays as Shindong in a Super Junior cover band. Apparently, the similarity didn’t just stop at looks, as the way they danced was extremely similar as well.

The doppelganger said, “We follow what Super Junior does exactly. Dancing is a given, and so are our stage costumes. If Shindong gains weight, I gain weight, and if he diets, I diet as well. I would really like it if Shindong didn’t diet anymore. It’s too tiring,” causing the studio to laugh.

The episode will broadcast on the 16th at 6:30PM (KST) on SBS.

source: allkpop

After taking a picture in front of the Notre Dame the boys of Super Junior and SHINee recorded a special video and were spotted by the fans.

ELFs and ShaWols took over Paris during the weekend and a group of lucky ones found the boys at the Notre Dame Cathedral where they were taking pictures and recording a video. The best part of it is that Super Junior and SHINee suddenly started dancing and singing ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Ring Ding Dong’ in front of Notre Dame Cathedral provoking the screams of the fans around.

We might probably see a complete video soon, but so far enjoy this fan cam.

by: shosha

source: RaiBaka @ youtube gokpop

The Korean Tourism Organization has introduced a list of the Korean stars people would like to travel around Korea with.

The survey was carried in 8 languages and included 12,805 people from a total of 102 countries.

The results revealed that k-pop was the most popular among the hallyu wave around the world. As well it included which stars they would like to travel around Korean with, where they would like to go and to do.

The list was filled by k-pop idols including Super Junior, Big Bang, TVXQ. JYJY and more.

Most popular Hayllu wave

K-pop: 53.3%
Dramas: 32.5%
Movies: 6.2%

On the other side the survey also included a list of stars and asked people to pick the one they would like to travel around Korea with.

1. Super Junior: 13.3%
2. Big Bang (8.6%)
3. JYJ (6.7%)
4. TVXQ (5.3%)
5. SNSD(4.0%.)
6. Jang Geun Suk
9. Hyun Bin

Japanese users gave Bae Yong Jun the first place in their country, while English-speaking countries and Chinese communities picked Super Junior. On the other hand Big Bang was placed first by French and Spanish communities. Germany and Russia gave Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee their support.

Jeju was voted as the most wanted place to travel with the stars and on the activities side they picked concerts, shooting locations, tourism attractions and traditional culture.

A 76.6% of the voters were Asian while Europe was represented by a 17.9%. The majority of users were women with a 89.6%, and the largest age groups were females in their 20s with 48.7%.


by: shosha

Source : [Japanese Yonhap News]
Translated & Shared by :

On May 25th, KBS’s “News Line” spotlighted the Hallyu wave and interviewed Super Junior’s Leeteuk for the first time on live news.

Leeteuk was interviewed as one of the representative of idol groups who are leading the Hallyu wave outside of Asia into Europe. He revealed, “Once a week, we circulate all over Asia including Japan, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We haven’t held a concert in Europe yet, so we were still surprised to see the response we garnered there.”

He continued, “We monitor the responses through press reports. They say that the popularity is stronger than ever, but I feel that we’re just now taking our first step. I think people take a liking to us because our music and performance style is both fresh and cool.”

Approaching the topic on communicating with foreign fans, he said, “Because we can’t visit and hold a concert in every country, we communicate to our fans through social networking services.”

When asked in what language he communicates in, he replied, “There are programs that translate directly so it comes in great use.”

When asked for his thoughts on the growing Hallyu wave, Leeteuk commented, “I think we need to work harder to make sure that the Hallyu wave isn’t just a one-time ripple, but a continuous and consistent wave. We can’t be blinded by the profit that we see immediately and need to make sure that there’s strong cultural exchanges between ours and theirs.”

The reporter then asked whether Leeteuk thought idol groups were artificially created products, to which he replied, “It’s reality in that I can’t deny that idols are planned products. I think that this can be upgraded when our young friends gain more experience and get older, so I hope that everyone watches over them.”

He continued, “I’ve grown a lot over the past seven years. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of experience, but I picked up skills along the way on how to do this and that. I think success only comes to those who wait and work hard. New idols need both passion and patience in their hearts.”

Concluding the show, Leeteuk also mentioned the possibility of “SM Town in South America“, as well as the possibility of Super Junior’s “Super Show 4” being developed into a world tour, so stay tuned for more updates on that.

After the broadcast, Leeteuk tweeted, “For the first time, an idol guested on a live news show! I was so nervous that I was shaking, but it was so fun. I would like to thank everyone once again. I will bow my head and become a person that works even harder.”

by: ping

source: allkpop

The efforts of European fans have finally paid off, as SM Entertainment revealed that they will indeed be adding one more concert date for “SM Town Live in Paris“.

“SM Town Live in Paris” will be held for two days at the Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th and 11th. The decision was largely influenced by the fact that the first concert sold out within 15 minutes.

As previously reported, 300 upset fans took to the streets of Paris for a flash mob event that caught the attention of Korean media outlets.

SME representatives stated, “TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, and other artists who represent SM’s global power will be performing an additional show in Paris. Through the concerts, we hope to help foster the K-Pop wave in Europe.”

Tickets for this second concert will go on sale starting May 16th through Live Nation and FNAC Spectacles and are expected to be sold out on that day.

By: Woon

Sources: Allkpop and Star News via Naver

Super Junior’s Shindong became a topic of hot discussion after it was revealed that he still felt uncomfortable around a fellow group member.

During the latest recording of MBC’s “Bouquet“, the guests were asked, “Of all the guests here, is there anyone you would like to confess something to?” Shindong answered, “Super Junior member Donghae.” Despite the long years they’ve spent together as part of Super Junior, Shindong confessed that he still feels awkward when he’s alone with Donghae. 

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun boldly stated, “I will call all the H.O.T members and we will decide on the ‘H.O.T reunion’ at Bouquet’s confession table.’ Shindong wittily retorted, “Then I will bring Lee Soo Man teacher”, which hilariously caused a flustered reaction from Moon Hee Jun.

This episode of ‘Bouquet’ will air on April 17th.

by: woon

sources: Allkpop and Newsen via Nate


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